Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Badges?! We Don' Need No Stinking Badges!

The bad news is that I am still at home, sick.

The good news is that I *am* working! Sometimes my sister Rinny really is a great boss.

See, right now is a really bad time to take time off. It is day camp season! I asked for the Fresno weekend off a LONG time ago, and got it with some iffiness and rescheduling of EVERYONE'S Robotics training and such, but this random being sick for days thing is NOT working out at ALL, especially not so CLOSE to the planned absence. In short, when I call in sick, I know I am putting the whole program in
trouble. But I also know that if I get RINNY sick things will COMPLETELY fall apart. So, what do I do?

I'll tell you what... Rinny just emailed me a TON of work I can
do from home! How awesome is that? Basically I am revamping the entire Junior Master Gardener program to fulfill scout merrit badge requirements... FROM HOME! It needs to be done. Our Scout classes are extremely popular. Moms come to pick up their kids and ask "okay, so what do they need to do next to get their badge?" and we tell them "nothing. We did it all and will mail in the paperwork." and the moms look like they are going to hug us. We make those boys WORK and they do have fun. They are good classes. And JMG are good classes, too, but if we can make them fulfill a Gardening, Landscape Architecture, Plant Science, or Soil and Water Conservation badge they should go through the roof. The more involved we can get the BIG groups like scouts, schools, and 4-H in this place the better.

Anyway, so now that the Dinosaur museum has curriculum to get started with, my new pet project will be Boy Scouts and JMG. And being able to work on it here at my desk in my basement while I am coughing out a lung and keeping the Kleenex company safely in business for a year is a HUGE help. Rinny gets something done she needs (and does not feel pressure to fire me anytime soon!). I get money I need... but more so I am not so FREAKING BORED!!! And hopefully this gives my immune system and antibiotics one more day to work overtime before I practice high-tech animatronics
(and another before I practice not so high-tech osculation. ;O) Heh heh!) Moving on...

while less FUN than showing UP with Fresno's b
irthday present, I decided to mail it to him with a Don't Open Till June 1st note (and hoping he GETS it by then.) because the airport would probably be nervous about it and unwrap it and I worked HARD on the wrapping. Yes, I am such a girl sometimes. But yeah. However, I never did decide which of 3 cards I bought for him I was going to USE so I didn't include one and now they all seem dumb. So he may not get a card. I don't know. Maybe I will bring them all with me and write one there if I decide to. Give it to him with... I don't know, whatever they have at my continental breakfast? Hee hee! "Here. Happy birthday... blow out the candles on your birthday... cinamon roll." I really should bring a candle. (but not that Elmo having a special moment with the 4 one. Though he is turning THIRTY 4. Hee hee!)

Weird. That really DOESN'T seem that old. I mean it's NOT, but if it was ME it would feel old. Like ME turning 34 would be old-ish. But Fresno doesn't seem much older than me (except when we are teasing each other about it, like me only being 13 when he graduated high school and got ready for his mission and how it was a good thing we didn't know each other and like each other then because GROSS or being in kindergarten when he started Scouts. But it is only teasing because the years really AREN'T that far apart when you are older. But it is still funny to think about, especially when he's wrong, like when he said "...whatever, you couldn't even TALK when I was in 5th grade."
"Dude, I started TALKING in SENTENCES at 10 months."
"Did YOU not talk till you were 3?!"

"No, I probably talked around the same time as you... or something..."

Sigh. I so like him.

ANYWAY. I need to focus on Scouts now.
Plants. Gardens. Merit Badges. Irrigation. Propagation. Horticulture. Greenhouses. Pollination. Earth Worms. Compost. Conservation. TIME TO WORK!


  1. Dude, working at home rocks. Rinny is awesome.

    and Yay for Fresno trip! personally, I'd give him all THREE cards randomly throughout the day.

  2. granted, it would rock MORE if I could freaking pay attention and get more work DONE.

    But good idea about the cards, I may just!

  3. Hee hee... I LOVE working at home!! Music, pj's.... ok, mostly just music... but YEAH!