Thursday, May 10, 2007

Darwin needs his butt kicked today for giving me a headache...

or at least making it worse.

Some days I LOVE my job. I love holding baby animals and the kids crack me up. Yesterday we had a 10 minuet discussion on why we could not feed the lambs and calves crayons even if they were green like hay or yellow like corn. Hee hee hee! I love the new baby piglets and petting the baby lambs. I love making Tom the turkey scare the older kids when really all he wants is to be treated like a puppy dog. And I USUALLY love dinosaurs. I love their size and new discoveries, and I love the air conditioning in the museum.

But other days I feel like screaming. Like when I am writing 7th grade curriculum about the difference between the normal Linnaean Taxonomy (ie: Kingdom, Phylum, Subphylum, Class, Subclass, Order, Family, Genus, and Species) and classification of fossilized organisms because of the difficulty of classifying non-living entities and I realize I BARELY know more than my students and if I have to read one more paragraph from Origin of the Species I will find Charles Darwin grave, dig him up, and kill him again. Yeah, today is a BAD headache day and a bad WORK day because my brain is feeling a bit overloaded.

SO, I am taking a little break right now at work from Phylum Arthropoda and Class Trilobita. But just to vent. NOW I should really get BACK to work so I am not here till 8. I have things I need to get done at home, too, you know. I need to make a bath of BML, pick up meds at the pharmacy, and see if I can FIND my missing tax return check that I JUST got and have now lost. I know it's not REALLY, like, free money. It is just MY money BACK, but still, pretty excited to get it. After all, since it has sort of already been paid and so it's not, like, budgeted. And therefore it's LIKE free money. Money that doesn't need to be as accounted for. And therefore can be used toward the the trip to California the end of this month! ANYWAY, back to work. Stupid taxonomy. Stupid curriculum. Stupid me losing a 400 dollar check. I could just cry.


In fact, I *did* cry. A common occurrence lately.

However, things DID get better. For one thing, work ended. Hee hee! After work I was headed home, but my mind was on Fresno and the trip. I can't do much about that right now, and I haven't found the check even yet. But I DID get inspired to do more on his PRESENT! And so I went home by way of Zurchers. And the dollar store. And PartyLand. And Big Lots.

Yeah, I went a little crazy. But if there is one girlfriendy thing I *can* do it is PRESENTS. Most of them are silly, private jokey things. The 2 "real" gifts are Charlotte's Web and the COOLEST tennis ball SLING SHOT for the dogs! It is, seriously, almost a weapon, it is AWESOME. And it will actually CHALLENGE the monster ponies to chase. Made by Hyperdog and I think I'd want my OWN, but I doubt the little dogs, Trinket, Shasta, and Suzy would fetch the balls for me as far as I would want to shoot them and *I* sure am not retrieving them. hee hee!

Anyway, yeah, I think he will really like the presents as long as the airport doesn't confiscate them or something. I am actually thinking of mailing it even though I *am* going, just to avoid taking the present on the plane. Because I wrapped everything really cool. And now I am remembering the last time I wrapped a gift (When we flew to Hawaii for Christmas) security OPENED them. And this on will even LOOK suspicious. And there are doggy TREATS in there, too, so if they have sniffer dogs the dogs may be saying "this bag has treats and toys!" and the guards will think I have drugs or something. Hmmm... so I really may mail stuff. Bummer. Haven't decided yet.

In other news, my computer has suddenly... and when I say suddenly I mean the last 10 minutes... started acting VERY slow and bad and near frozen. I want to restart… I NEED to restart. I am checking for spyware now. But I don’t want to lose my entry. I SHOULD have been saving, but I haven’t been. Arrrgh. Sometimes I swear, the computer HATES me.

Back (again) but I should really just post. Post and go to bed, though I am not tired. But it is too late to take anything for sleep. So, it's my own fault. SIGH. Good night... or morning... WHATEVER.


  1. He's buried under a very big stone slab in Westminster Abbey, London SW1. He wanted to be buried in the churchyard at the village of Downe, Kent, but the British science establishment insisted on a big send-off in London. Darwin's wife Emma didn't attend: she stayed at their home where she felt closer to him. Still: hope the headache goes without the need to exhume any corpses, eminent or otherwise. You'd be in good comany, though: a Pope did it once. Dug up his predecessor, put him on trail, threw his remains in the River Tiber. Crazy days, crazy guys.

  2. Me and the Pope. "We're like THIS. This is too far away."