Thursday, May 17, 2007

"My parents don't like anything ostentatious. And they really don't like fire. "

So, it sort of sounds like there is a stampede outside the office. Not that I have HEARD a stampede, but what I imagine one sounds like. And, being as we are technically on a farm, I guess that IS possible. But it would just be Daisy, Oreo, the Jersey twins (Jake and T-Bone) and the Holstein twins... can 6 cattle really BE a stampede? But either way, the reason for the tumult is actually a wicked sounding DUST STORM! And any minute Rinny and I are going OUT in it to get ready for the insect class "What's Bugging You?" Yay?

I have to say one thing about working at Thanksgiving Point... it is rarely BORING. Guess what is going on in the barn? (where our office is) MISS SENIOR UTAH (as in the running for THIS? (and also, maybe Mrs. United States?) That is right, Grandmas are in there wearing CROWNS. And if you know ANYTHING about my little sister you know that crowns and princess (of ANY age, apparently) are big to her. So when she SAW this lady walking around near the water tower with, yes, a tiara, looking lost my starstruck little sister raced to her aid.

And the princess yelled at her!

"Where the hell is the red barn?!" and went on and on. IT WAS AWESOME. It was pretty much like Snow White or Cinderella screaming at her, because that is how Rinny saw her. She seriously looked crestfallen. I am evil, but it is was SO FREAKING FUNNY.

Anyway, I will write later. I am off to teach butterflies with macaroni.

SO, several pasta and pimp hats later, the bug class is over. *grins*

I once was asked by a student "Why are you big?" Assuming, naturally,l that they meant FAT, but in a better mood than the time when the kid asked me if I had a baby in my tummy and I told her not unless I ate it *guilt* I started to cheerfully say that some people were bigger than others and blah blah blah when he stopped me and said "no, how come you are big and you are COLORING?"

Yeah. Sometimes I take liberties with my right to make "examples" during class because dang it all, I WANT TO PLAY, TOO. The kids are not quite sure if I am really a teacher or just a really weird classmate. ANYWAY, I say that because this was so one of those days. The Roomie better have room on the fridge because *we* colored.
AND made squirt-paint-on-one-side-and-fold-in-half-butterflies. Very Rorschach, no? Hee hee!

We talked about bees, mostly, though, because we have a hive in the classroom (never could find the queen though.). I LOVE that classroom, though. I wish we were at the Children's discovery Garden more often instead of the Farm. I mean, hello, look at those clouds with jewel rain that I must someday use to decorate my ceiling at home?! Plus, I discovered a box of dress ups. NOT bug related (especially as, to ME, they appear to all be PIMP hats, but STILL, it meant time to take a few photos of myself for your entertainment! Ha!)*Maybe I'm my own Silver Living?*

Anyway, back to the actual CLASS (because I did all that goofing around BEFORE class) when we were bug-hunting I found the coolest thing! Granted the kids were looking in the grass, but I admit I was drawn to the pond... and found the weirdest little underwater critter and I still don't know what he is. I took it home and would love to learn more.

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