Saturday, May 12, 2007

My VisualDNA is a LOT cuter than a Strawberry's REAL DNA.

I know this because we teach the 7th graders how to extract it at the TGP. And, in case you have never extracted DNA from a strawberry (what is wrong with you?!) it looks like a blob of SNOT if you have done it right. Anyway, yeah.

Today was another birthday party at the farm. It was SO HARD I am wondering if they are worth the money. See, they don't REALLY fall under Education. But we agree to do them sometimes to pick up extra hours and sometimes (because, let's face it, we are in Utah) tips. Some parties are worth it. Some are not. This one was wicked long, and stressful, BUT was thrown by this richy MINO (Money Is No Object) lady for her daughter and so even though I have heel spurs that left me hobbling, etc, it WAS pretty interesting to see how BIG a party she could make it in our barn! Plus, MINOs give HUGE TIPS for our mad face painting skills and such... 20 bucks for both me AND Grandma Betsy (plus $5 for my new little friend, one of the volunteer kids, a 12 year old boy who follows me around talking BUT I don't even MIND because he actually HELPS.)

But before the day was over Grandma Betsy and I were in a rather... ummm... HEATED argument with SGary about birthday parties at the farm, so basically, I don't know how many I will agree to do if his idiot ideas are actually implemented. Seriously, that man knows NOTHING about the farm and one of my favorite cowgirls quit today because of it, and Grandma Betsy and Crazy Connie said that they will not do anymore parties unless we can do them the way Education does. So, if SGary lays down the law, it is going to be a very LONELY little group over there... maybe Sgary will end up hosting the parties himself. Heh heh.

Oddly, one of my favorite new farm kids is SGary's own shy little daughter, Babble. So, I will watch my Ladder-Climber-Bashing mouth around her. She is a sweetheart. (I love when school gets out and our volunteer program gets going. That is one of the reasons I was HIRED is to work with the funny teens that come to get hours here!)

Anyway, he, tough day. But 20 dollars richer! And all practiced up on my face painting. It... ALMOST... made me think about being a clown again (but not for the farm.)

That's right. For those of you who did not know my deep dark secret, I really did used to do kid birthday parties. I just did a few... back in high school. And considering how big of stage frieght I get, I honestly don't know HOW I did it.

But I face paint.

And I can twist balloon animals. (though I am very VERY rusty.

And I don't make Transformers (but WORSHIP the guy who CAN!).

My name was Rosie the Clown. *blush*

However, I have, the past few years been toying with a related, but not the same, idea. Once I am in a house I own... as I would plan to probably also own a pygmy goat, hedgehog, and maybe a parrot of some sort. See, I am thinking I may eventually do birthday parties of sort of a tiny traveling zoo/safari. Teach about the animals. Have "passports" for various "shows" and explorer hats and stuff. And, yeah, probably do balloons and face painting.

It sounds better in my HEAD than my blog, but most things do. Because I *heart* ideas. But usually need help actually IMPLEMENTING them. (Usually from CC. hee hee!) I have many, MANY beginnings of books, either that I have illustrated or written. I have ideas (and some supplies) for coffee potpourri (to do with CC). I have poems out the wazoo (that CC will make into amazing fontastic ART, eventually). I have sugar glider toys to make and sell... eventually. (Not on here. Because that's just stuff I LINK to from Amazon though I get a small commission. If I had ever SOLD a single thing. I mean EVER.)

Ideas. *SIGH* Anyway...

Aaaaand, I'm going to bed. I need to wake up EARLY because Anziano BoyKid is calling the fam from Italy in the wee hours (dang time issues!) for Mother's Day.


  1. Wow, a lot of talking to the boy. :-) Lucky for all of you.

  2. I knew your deep dark secret. *shudders*

    And that Transformer is AWESOME!

  3. I think I knew your secret too.. hee hee hee

    Man... I need to get working on THAT book too... sigh! hee hee

  4. HOLY. I said Stage Freight. I would correct it (Stage FRIGHT) but that kind of makes sense. ANd makes me feel like a UPS truck. Wow.