Saturday, May 12, 2007

Peas In Envy?

Today has been... arrrgh. Frustrating. Funny, parts of it, but others, yeah NOT funny. However, I am trying to be more positive tonight. Because I need to try to sleep. And being depressed or stressed makes that much trickier. And this Psych CALLED ME. Checking if I have been doing my assignments. I hadn't. I don't know. ANYWAY, happy things...

*I got a $10 tip after the semi-hellish birthday party I helped with today.
*Pepper FINALLY had her babies! 2 ADORABLE kids that seem much smaller than I would have guessed by how HUGE she was. A boy and a girl. I *will* get pictures. So far I have just petted the little female, but then, they were just born TODAY so, yeah, just give me time. I like Pepper more than a lot of the other goats, and I am VERY glad she doesn't have to be so massive and uncomfortable PLUS it means 2 new VERY cute baby goats.
*Fresno thinks he can get off work for the WHOLE time I am coming there for his birthday! Yay!

[Okay, that is much funnier now. I only JUST realized those were Soy Beans not peas. HA! Like I say, my brain is only half-there today.] CC thinks I should magnet this to my fridge, for my Roomie. (She's a super strict Vegetarian (but not Vegan. She eats eggs on occasion).)
Plus also I love Natalie Dee.

Aaaaand to end, a survey/quiz thingy I got in Email from the View (the Yahoo group. Not the TV show). Call it 4-Play. Hee hee!

4 things about me:

Four jobs I've Had in my life:

1. Secretary for my dad's Property Management Business

2. Teacher

3. tech support

4. And (presently!) Education Assistant at Thanksgiving Point aka: Baby goat holding , curriculum writing, picture coloring, field trip giver!

Four Places I have lived:

1. Chicago, IL (born there)

2. Cleveland, TX (my greenie area on the mission)

3. Lai'e, HI (BYU-H)

4. Aztec, NM (where my little sister was born)

Four Places I have vacationed:

1. Nauvoo, IL (it was a church history thing but was actually pretty AWESOME)

2. San Francisco, CA to see WICKED!!!

3. Disneyland ! (the BEST trip there, though was with my friends in my ASL club for Deaf Days where EVERYONE was signing.)

4. Hawai'i... this year at Christmas. SIGH. I STILL miss it!

Four places I would rather be right now:

1. Fresno, CA (but WILL be later this month!)

2. Ireland <--- Oooh, Ditto!

3. I WAS going to Ditto THIS one of Stacey's too, but with #1 it would be rather redundant! (including the dogs, even!) But instead, I'll just pick another. Ummm... Hawai'i of course. (or another beach, if necessary. But Hawai'i has the BEST.)

4. Yellowstone National Park!

Four friends who I think will respond first:

1. Umm, anyone ELSE in the Mormon View? Hee hee!

2. Fresno

3. Mali

4. Rinny?

"Now here's what you are supposed to do: Please do not spoil the fun. Hit forward, delete my answers and type in your answers. Then send to a whole bunch of people you know including the person who sent it to you. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known facts about those who know you."


  1. hahahaha ... i dig the soy beans.

  2. I've actually OFTEN wondered where you get all of your funny graphics and cartoons. You always have the best ones, I swear it.

    I took a look at Natalie Dee's website and was laughing so hard at some of her pictures. You betcha I forwarded them on to my husband and his brother and wife. Hilarious!

  3. By the way, I'm SO HAPPY that things are going so wonderfully. Continue to count your blessings, and I swear they'll multiply. Seems the more positive I am, the more good that comes in!