Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Boys Call Day!!!

Oh, and ummm, yay for Moms, too? No, seriously, I love my mom. She is awesome. She somehow maintains that precarious balance of Mother/Friend because so many Moms swing too far the other way. But mine doesn't. She's the coolest!

HOWEVER, to be completely honest my brain has been SO not on her today.

I know, with Anziano BoyKid being able to call from the airport it hardly seems fair to get to talk to him for Mother's Day, too. BUT, as the next time won't come for 8 months and I have been WISHING I could hear from my baby bro, like every DAY, I DON'T CARE, WE GET OUR MOTHER'S DAY CALL DAMNITALL!!! And oh my heck, I love my little brother. He is so GOOD, but also so funny. He somehow escaped the MTC personality intact but with a powerhouse testimony. The kiddo is my freaking hero. I am glad I was able to wake up. I ALMOST wasn't. *blush*

See, after I blogged and all I DID go to bed... only to have Fresno call me at 12:30 (not too late, but...) and talk till, well, 4 am (yeah.). I know that was dumb of me but we haven't been able to talk for, like, 3 days and we really wanted to. We have just been so busy! So, umm, yeah, we talked. And it was so good to talk to him. I am really missing him right now. And, at least today, I think I love him. WEIRDWEIRDWEIRDWEIRDWEIRD! We talked about, like, EVERYTHING. We were having the weirdest conversations about his CRAZY family and donkeys and The Mormons and cotton candy and sex and prison and homosexuality and his ex girlfriends and fate and Jesus the Christ and genetics and BoyKid and balloons and diabetes and birth control and the internet and Lost and Land of the Lost and the 70s and Spiderman and cell phones and my trip to his place the end of this month and TexasBoy and missions and companions and abuse and love and marriage and fear and Missouri.

It was a really really good call.

And, no, I sure did NOT fall asleep right after, either.

So, waking up early was HAAAARD. But BoyKid was pretty worth it. He told us church had been cancelled because there was some big drinking fest going on and they weren't even allowed to go OUT. He said he was all excited for Milan and the fashion capitol of the world... but was now in some place called Cuneo that is AT PRESENT filled with very drunk lumberjack-types in feathered Peter Pan hats. HILARIOUS. He also sang I Often Go Walking for Mom (but in Italian, obviously) so of course made her BAWL and Rinny cried a ton, too. He is such a cute kid.

BUT, even that was not the end of my Boy Call day. Because after BoyKid and church and dinner PARKER CALLED!!! Yes, as in Sex=Basketball and Sperm=Elders Parker! Pardon My Fringe Parker! Parkerisa and Hell and new baby boy! They called! (And I *do* mean THEY because Parker is, one of my best friends but a VERY odd duck and in order to be completely beyond reproach in terms of fidelity when he calls me she stays on the line. Yes, like, for HOURS. Poor Risa. She is weird, too, mind you, but NOT as weird as HIM. And she really WOULD "let" him talk to me on the phone SOLO rather than having to sit there listening the whole time while doing stuff. (Though, she does OCCASIONALLY contribute a story too, and she does like me too, so she thinks I am funny, but still.))

He filled me in on the new baby being named Thomas S. (after Thomas S. Monson), I filled him in on pretty much all things Fresno, and MOSTLY they called to try to plan a FRINGE REUNION THIS AUGUST!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! So we are going to try to pull things together to get the 4 of us (well, the 4 of us OFFICIAL Fringe (Me, Coats, Parker, and Jeppers) plus Honorary Fringe (wives, etc.) and, yeah Parker's little MINI-Fringe, Hell and Thomas.) together for a major party! AWESOME.

But... ummm... yeah. Happy Mother's Day, Moms.
You Are Totally Like Your Mom

You and your mom are practically clones.
You think alike, and you even seem to read each other's minds.
You're definitely you're mother's child... and that's just fine with you.


  1. hee hee! the fringe reunion makes me giggle because, well, it IS the fringe and I'm not sure planning is any of the groups' strong points. tee hee.

    Still... awesome all around!!!

  2. LOL. Nice steph.

    But yeah. awesome all around. woohoo!!!!

  3. OK, I like the wide range of topics you and Fresno talked about. I think you covered just about everything. ;-)

    Good day for you!!