Friday, May 18, 2007

Cat Empire and Gerbil Torture


So, Fridays aren't usually as exciting when you not only work Saturdays, but work an extra long day... in the sun... teaching wild and crazy boy scouts. But it WAS rather Friday-ish. For one thing, even though I was writing 8th grade curriculum (ugh... WAY too close to my own skill level to be fun or effective!) most of the day we kept giggling at the pageant ladies next door and quoting Miss Congeniality all day. ALSO because Rinny needed to leave early to a meeting with some chocolate guy we met at this Show to try and get us some cocoa beans and plants and such for our field trips, *I* got to leave early, too! So I was driving home when CC called to play! YAY!

She drove to my house and brought me my birthday present! She gave me Trivial Pursuit: Totally 80s AND a card game called Big Fish Little Fish. And if you are thinking SHE is late, well, consider I gave her her CHRISTMAS present, what, a week ago? hee hee hee!

Anyway, we drove around, went bead shopping (including some that I intend to make into a very awesome necklace that look like... uhh... PEACH PITS(?)... hee hee hee!), laughed at people who try to shop at Target after closing, and had diet Limeades at Sonic while listening to CC's fantastically eclectic tunes. (Hey, and CC, don't forget to give me Cupcake's rejects!)

OH, and we saw SUCH a cool car! Seriously, new cars... MEH. I *HEART* OLD STUFF. Especially with their eyes closed. Yes, I over anthropomorphize cars. Hee hee hee hee hee!

Then we came back to the house and played with (ie: mildly traumatized) my gerbil, Boo for awhile. Don't worry. She'll get over it. Hee hee!

It was a good night. THANKS, CC!

The one bad thing is I realized I missed a call from Fresno and I am sure he is asleep and he sounded pretty bummed because we haven't really talked in so long, like almost a whole week. So I will email him before heading to bed and try to cheer him up with firmed up travel plans and... umm... pictures of me in pimp hats? Hee hee?


  1. apparently I should leave barf bags as parting gifts with my friends because they're having so much fun with me the puke... lol... I'm sorry!

  2. UGH! I clicked on the Sonic link...then I got hungry. Why'd I click on that dang if I didn't know it'd show pics!?! I guess livin' in San Diego and havin' "Jack in a Box" is my trade off for not havin' "Sonic" around.

  3. Eeew. Okay, not that ANYTHING sounds good right now but Jack in a Box is SO not a good trade for Sonic. But I still don't feel bad for you as you DO have, like, the BEACH.

    Now, if only your dumb state didn't hate my sugar babies.

  4. This should go on another post but I promise that I will not ruin your roomie's garden. I hope I was doing it as a result of what Gilch was doing anyway, but still. That hardly seems like something I would do. And so I vow never to. lol

  5. Oddly, the 2 things weren't even RELATED. It was crazy. I went outside and you were just, like ripping up plants with a sickle thingy, willy nilly! You were crazy.

    I am sure your promise makes us rest MUCH easier. hee hee hee hee!

  6. 1. I prefer Jack in a Box. They have chicken fajitas. Or DID when I lived in Oregon a zillion years ago ... EXCEPT, I *heart* sonic slushes.

    2. Kip, you should totally wear hats. They suit you.

    3. I missed the dust storm. Bummer.

    4. I didn't puke after hanging out with you Steph. But Moe puked while hanging out with me this weekend. Maybe you and I are Typhoid Mary's or something.

  7. I think that the Boy was sick BEFORE Thursday.... he mentioned feeling weird and he was having a really hard time focusing or concentrating... so I think that my CAR might have been the carrier. Lol... Or not.

    I feel kinda icky lately, but I dunno what that is.

    And Jack in a Box = dis-gust-ing

    We call it gack in a sack

  8. hahahahaha ... i only liked the one thing there. the fajita sammy thing. not enough to drive to one though.

  9. I have to go with Steph...Jack in the Box = disgusting.