Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I just accomplished something pretty big and am feeling a bit frazzled so I am blogging for a bit. What did I do? Today I finished ALL GRADES dinosaur museum field trip curriculum, including individual student booklets AND letters to teachers telling them how each activity ties to the Core. Basically, this is what I have been working toward since starting here. So, yeah, it may not sound it, but it's pretty major. Next step in the project is probably to make some pre and post trip activities for the teachers in their classrooms, but with summer and day camps coming, I may be focusing more on 4-H, Scouts, Robotics Camp (I am SOOOOO EXCITED FOR THAT!!!!), and developing the youth volunteer program with the day camps because, yeah, more pressing need.

Anyway, Granola Girl went and tagged me for this...

I am Kipluck.

I am BethAnn.

I am a girl.

I am a sister.

I am a daughter.

I am a girlfriend.

I am a good friend.

I am a Sugar Mama... it's not what you think.

I am a border-line vegetarian.

I am a Diabetic.

I am trying to be like Jesus, too.

I am happier when I am not thinking too much.

I am mentally ill.

I am a voracious learner.

I am a return missionary for the Church or Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I sometimes struggle with that.

I am quiet and shy.

I am loud and over-confident.

I am funny. Sometimes.

I am an Aries (Greek/Roman? Whatever the "normal" zodiac is...) AND Year of the Ram (Chinese). Baaaa!

I am a bibliophile.

I am antsy in silence and usually have music on at all times.

I am moody.

I am dramatic.

I am impatient.

I am tired.

I am compulsive and sometimes scare myself.

I am idealistic and romantic... but not really in the roses and mushy stories way.

I am girthy. (and btw, I am totally loving the Fat Wonder Woman Blog)

I sometimes swear, drink caffeine, and am lazy.

I am good with animals and kids.

I am not so good with babies, human ones anyway.

I am creative.

I am a fairly good writer, but with terrible handwriting and spelling (but I use my spell checker all the time.)

I can spend hours just staring at my sugar gliders playing. They are, like, magical to me.

I am addicted to popcorn.

I am going to do clock back in. Peace out!

Oh... and I tag... you.*

*As I have been met with much objection when I have tagged in the past, YOU is, umm, whoever decides to be tagged.


  1. that's seriously awesome and a GREAT accomplishment in my book!!

  2. Good job kip!! finishing the curriculum is AWESOME.

    Interesting fwwb.