Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Arrivederci, Anziano BoyKid, Hello Aunt Flo

it's been a really really long day.

I want some chocolate. Even just Ovaltine.

Parts of today have been good, but still EMOTIONAL.

Early this morning my baby brother, BoyKid left the MTC to fly to Milan, Italy. He was allowed to call us, though (since the days of "seeing" missionaries off AT the airport is long gone.) when he reached Chicago. Next he would fly to England. THEN into Milan. Anyway, Rinny and I missed work to go to the Padres' to talk with him on speaker with Padre and Mom.

I can't believe he will be there. I am so jealous! But at the same time, wow, he is going to have a hard time. But STILL, he DOES get to see stuff like the Duomo.

But talking to him was SO much fun, but also hard. I miss him. We ALL miss him, so much. He really is perfect for this, though. He is so spiritual, much more so than I have ever been. But he is also so HIM. All funny and fun and crazy. He has to be careful not to flirt as much as he is used to, but all that have been serving with him thus far LOVE him, sisters and elders alike. He makes everyone laugh... but not at the expense of the spirit. BoyKid is, in my opinion, the PERFECT elder.

But, unfortunately, he is related... has our genes... and thus, already battles a bit of Depression. He is hard on himself, too, and wants so much to be perfect, but doesn't see himself anywhere close. The mission is going to be very hard on him, I am afraid. I don't want him to... well... feel like me. When he says anything that sounds remotely like it, I feel my heart screaming NO NO NO NOT BoyKid. LEAVE HIM ALONE! Please, spare him from this. He doesn't deserve it. He is, really too good for it.

I am so proud of my little brother. In the airport he had his first "contact"... he made a goal to try to share the Book of Mormon with SOMEONE on his way out. The first person he talked to? A polite, intelligent man who had a lot to say... part of which was "...well, to Christian's, like me who have been born again... of which I am a preacher..."

Yup, first person my baby bro chooses to talk to outside of Utah was, of course, a Preacher. hee hee hee hee!

Anyway, I have a ton more to write, but as I was saying it has been a very very long day. So I will continue this tomorrow. After ANOTHER long day.

Now it's ANOTHER 'nother day. Thursday. And I can't remember what I was even going to tell you. Let's see. It was emotional. Then I had a neurology appointment and they want to do another MRI in a couple months. And try new meds. And then work was frustrating. And I should really share more pictures of my little brother doing funny stuff in the MTC that he sent me. But I don't have them right here. So, ummm, later.

In summary:
Depression sucks
Fresno is sweet
I rock at shopping...
too bad I am not financially stable.
I hate meds.
I love meds.
I cried A LOT.
My girly parts do not work normal yet, they JUST cramp painfully. That is all. Just hurt, make me sick, and most likely undo any of the good being done by my anti-depressants. Basically, so far I ONLY get PMS.... with no actual period, nor *end* to the PMS in sight. Yeah. Still need to get THAT figured out.


  1. Wait... didn't you talk to him on TUESDAY? Because I think I remember you TELLING me some of this stuff early Wednesday morning...

    I love you!

  2. Yup. Sorry, I was writing that after 12.