Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dream of

I am getting rather excited about my upcoming California trip. For one thing, I am one of those weird people who actually LIKES to fly. Also, Fresno has just been super funny and cute lately and so I am missing him. I fly out LATE a week from today. I will just sleep at the Courtyard that night because I don't want him to come get me at, like 3 am. So he can come pick me up the next morning. I don't know ALL of what we are going to do but we plan to:

  • Go spelunking... okay, fine, probably just walk it, but STILL! CAVES!
  • See other stuff in Sequoia national park
  • Play with the monster dogs a lot
  • Meet his mom and dad *gulp* and AVOID meeting any siblings.
  • Probably go bowling or play games with his Illegal Alien roomie/best friend.
  • Make ice cream with the ice cream making hamster ball I gave him for Christmas
  • take a lot of silly pictures on the family camera, especially for BoyKid to go in his next letter (he has the same camera... so he can look at them, we just send memory cards back and forth.)
The Roomie is babysitting the sugar babies (and other zoo members) for the trip so I don't have to worry about them. I got work off (I am working right up until I leave from there and to the airport, but that's fine) and am only REALLY missing Saturday. SO, I figure if I can keep the headache under control, barring a plane crash, getting my stuff stolen, etc. I should survive this and have fun. I *hope* anyway!

Other than that, sort of hanging on by the proverbial thread to my sanity and, well, happiness. Lots of "assignments" from the psych and such. They seem too hard though, and I am tired... so tired and things HURT right now. Just muscles in general. My head, OBVIOUSLY. Just trying not to let my fragile mental health as it were screw up this thing with Fresno. It's a good thing, and a more perfect boyfriend I couldn't invent. He is sweet and not shallow and funny and smart and even super cute. I just get so nervous that I am going to mess things up. And, though I am excited for the trip, I admit I am also quietly terrified.

But it is not just the boy... there are other good but potentially terrifying developments. Rinny just asked me to DIRECT ROBOTICS CAMP!!! I will be in charge... and I still don't even know the PROGRAM! Training is on Wednesday. I AM excited to learn it... but I was expecting to HELP a few of the more experienced staff... not be in charge them. I am nervous!

Also, I am being "drafted" into my family's ward at Church. My mom wants me to teach a certain primary class that she can't find anyone for. (She is the Primary President) And I have been thinking about it, and my feelings about my current ward and, at least for the summer, I am "going home" for church.

In a way that makes me uneasy. Not that 1. Bishops should SAY anything to parents 2. I am doing anything major that needs confessing to said Bishop BUT it is still kind of weird to be in a homeward again, especially with the folks, you know? But ward-wise I AM needing a change, and Mom asked me with out pressuring me, so, yeah... I think that's the tentative church plan.

I don't know, I guess we will see what craziness the future brings but I am pretty sure it involves a lot more responsibility, a lot more doctors, a lot less sleep, and a lot more ROBOTS. So at least it's not ALL bad.


  1. WOOHOO! Going to Cali! Being a Robot! or something ...

    It *is* semi weird to have your folks in your ward. One of the many, many reasons I don't live by mine, although they keep talking about moving back here ... You'll do fine. Especially since you don't have to confess anything to your bishop. hehehehehe.

  2. ok... I think it's kind of unfair that you're doing Robot camp for $7/hour... but.. resume experience I guess...

  3. Exactly. Resume stuff.

    However, I won't pretend that I don't have semi-ulterior motives. I am hoping to become so indispensable so that MAYBE TGP will decide they need me and make me a real, full-time, employee, like Rinny. But not likely.

    More likely I am just going to be doing yet another very difficult job, for minimum wage. SIGH. It's a good thing it's a FUN job because the pay SUCKS.

  4. Y'know ... I think I made about $7/hour my first YEAR at this job ... good thing I stuck it out ...

    They *might* keep you on. You never know.

  5. That WOULD be super cool if they kept you on...I'm gonna hope for that one. :)

    Have fun in Cali!