Friday, May 4, 2007


I am still not at work. But I can't be AS crappy as yesterday because LOOK AT WHAT FRIENDS I HAVE?!

I was feeling exceptionally crappy today as, that's right, the flood SPREAD. Under the walls and into the glider room closets. And the smell in my basement is like living in a cave. It is horrendous. Especially since I have been sick and so I am extra queezy anyway.

I was feeling really crappy when I got a phone call from CC saying "are you home? We are coming over!" I didn't even know for sure who "we" would be, but it ended up being CC and Cupcake down from Ogden AND Stewie, too! AND they gave me a present to celebrate my growing "ocean" of a basement! A pirate hat, a musket (that can really shoot caps!), an eye patch, an earring (clip-on... my ears are hole-less) and a hook hand and a pair of rather creepy bride and groom rubber duckies. Big ones! (these! I found the pic online! Except the close up...)

Personally, Mrs. Duck, if I had those head freckles(? Tattoos? OR maybe she is, like, whatever Dax was on Star Trek? (YES, I am such a NERD.)), I'd have opted for a veil.

Anyway, yeah. GOOD friends.

Also good family. As CC, Cupcake, and Stewbert were leaving, my Mom came over to help me with the sugar glider room and Padre, too. The damage is a lot worse than he thought (I knew that, but whatever) she we had to rip up all the carpet and throw away the padding and move my poor babies into the hall away from the cold, damp fans. I HAD been doing better, sickness-wise, a little better anyway. But I was talking to Mom, and I threw up without even feeling sick first. Just... BLEH. No warning. I think it was the first time Padre even was really believing I was "really sick" not just "dealing with something." Because, you know, to my dad Depression isn't an actual ILLNESS... whatever. Anyway, he was really nice to me all of a sudden. I think it really surprised him. He said "Hey, maybe you should sit down. I think you're sick?"

Mom gave me a really funny I really DID tell him look and I sat down. Anyway he WAS a lot nicer after that and worked really fast ripping up my carpet and trying to prop fans and heaters everywhere.

I found another casualty of floods, though. I was looking around a few minuets ago. The humidity from the water on the floor has wrinkled framed photos and unstuck pieces of a collage I made and that made me cry again.

But not as much as before. I feel like I am sort of running out of tears, if that makes sense. Maybe I should drink more water?

ANYWAY, my parents helped a lot and after they left I felt like we HAD accomplished a little and I was feeling pretty good about the friends I have. Then I went upstairs and remembered that I was a little embarrassed that my flowers were literally ROTTING at the stems and dead when the girls came over. I had popped the dead balloons yesterday (but flattened the mylars... to keep. "To Cheer You" Hee hee hee hee...) because the day before they had floated like a ghost across a dark room and scared me. SO, I just now threw away the flowers except for the one remaining alive daisy and the... what are those purple filler flowers? They almost seem dried before they ARE. They aren't Baby's Breath. Maybe statice? (Laurie? Do you remember from high school horticulture?) Anyway, I saved that. Tied it with some hemp string... to keep it.

I *AM* getting better at the being a girlfriend thing, I thing. At least, more sappy? I don't know. Sometimes, it still weirds me out. Like today. See, I am on Kaboodle. Because I feel it necessary to have a place to keep all the things that I go "Oh! I want that!" about, I guess. Anyway, it said invite your friends, and I did,m a few, but I don't REALLY care THAT much. Anyway, sort of forgot about that. Then I get this "accepted" notice... from Fresno. And my first thought was "HOCRAP! I think I mentioned things my BOYFRIEND would like!" And my panic was not because it would spoil a surprise but because I called him a boyfriend.

HELLO, KIPLUCK, YOU AND HIM HAVE SAID THAT ALREADY! It's not a secret! But still, my initial thought is PANIC that he'll find out I like him. It is STUPID. I KNOW that. But it remains that way still. Anyway that was my freak out today that I had to step back from and go, umm, okay, that is okay.

And, of course, days like yesterday there is still my stupid SadBrain thinking "Don't do this. Tell him not to like you. Don't make someone else be part of THIS." Sometimes I can think happier about these things... about HIM. He is... ALWAYS... awesome. I'm not kidding. He IS. It really is me. And sometimes I do not like me.... especially lately.


ANYWAY, yeah. I have wonderful friends. (Not just for bringing me pirate stuff... or sending me flowers on my birthday (OH! And CC! You were HERE and I didn't give you your Christmas gift. It is UNDER THE TREE!!!! GRRRRR.)... but also all y'all and your sweet words on my notes. Blogger is like my own little support group! *hugs*)

In OTHER news:



  1. heheheheh. :) Love you girl. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I forgive you for your outlined hard ot read font on your calendar. hee hee...

    I'm glad you're doing better. I'm glad we got to stop by! And don't worry about the christmas thing.. I still have your b-day present somewhere.

    Your flowers didn't look rotted... just dying. Don't be mortified. lol. I love those purple flowers.

  3. Eww. Okay, for the record, when TYPING that on the calender it was 1. READABLE 2.not outlined like that! Whiskey Tango...

  4. I had a hard time reading the calendar, too. glad it wasn't just my eyes.

    and I've had flowers that looked way worse than that before, so no worries. ;)

  5. I'm so glad there were helpful people for you and sorry I couldn't be one of them. Glad to hear things were being taken care of. :)

  6. i only got half way thru your blog, but wanted to ask if the collage you've mentioned is the one you had hanging up in the far back of your closet, below the stairs, in the Han[g]over house?

  7. Hee hee hee. No, not THAT collage. And not even really a collage, just magazins stuff glued... The 6 (7 on mine) Bees thing I made and stuck in Amy's sunflower picture that she freaked out that I "stole." Hee hee!