Thursday, February 1, 2007

Wo unto the liar, for he shall be thrust down to hell

Ooooh SO, guess who I got a call from this morning? Some chick calling on behalf of Soft Tissue Injury Lady. Oh and guess what STILady is claiming now? Neck injury, back injury, AND (this is the winner) I TOTALED THE BACK OF HER CAR!!!!!

Now, what I want to know is did she actually go out and
back into something to do this or is she just hoping nobody will LOOK at her car and just take her word that there is damage?!?! There was nothing wrong on the car! I don't believe she was HURT either, but as an expert in PAIN, well, I know you can't tell someone they don't hurt. But you CAN tell someone they are full of crap that you damaged their car when you didn't. And you looked and saw you didn't. And a cop came over and said you didn't. And the actual owner of the car, the lying STIB***h, herself, even said "well, our cars are fine, but I have a soft tissue injury coming, I can tell you right now!"

Well, my dad's insurance/lawyer guy listened to me and even LAUGHED when I told him the facts and said not to worry that she had no case whatsoever. Good. Fine. Great.

I know it doesn't matter maybe, if I don't have to pay. Or maybe just State Farm will pay. But it is a matter of principle and it ROYALLY PISSES ME OFF!!!! When people cheat insurance it is 1. DISHONEST and 2. raises rates and hurts me in the long run. So don't tell me it hurts nobody but a faceless corporation. Companies are MADE on the backs of workers and customers... both who have faces. Sorry I am just so mad. I am so mad that she is lying! Accusing me of doing something I did not do. I HATE BEING LIED TO OR LIED ABOUT. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

Anyway, yeah. Now I want cookies. Chocolate chip. What do I have that is similar?

Hmmm... closest thing I have is sugar free fat free chocolate pudding. huh. Yeah, good thing for my weight loss plans that it is so blasted COLD out there or I would so buy pre-made cookie dough at Smith's and eat it raw RIGHT NOW. The pudding is sure NOT cutting it. Dumb cold. Dumb slippery snow. Dumb pudding. Dumb non-existent chocolate chip cookies!

Speaking of cookies, BoyKid's job as a Girl Scout? Well, the poor kid has been working like crazy, sales calls all the time. Only here's the thing, the Boss Lady apologized that she was not yet able to PAY them. Yeah. Does THAT sound like good business to YOU? I mean, if you are going in together to start a business, sure... but as a regular employee.... well, you have the right to expect that your contract stating you'll be paid bi-weekly means that, well, every other week you should get a PAY CHECK. So, yeah, he is just hoping he GETS paid for his job before he quits to go on the mission. Poor kiddlet.

I still want cookies. Goodnight.


  1. I hate people sometimes. Seriously.

  2. Personally I like sugar free chocolate fudge pudding... BUT you have to buy the packets and make it yourself for it to taste any good...

  3. Oh I'm in such a bad mood today and stupid car accident lady is lucky she wasn't dealing with me.

    I have a friend that always offers to take pictures at any crash he passes. He gives copies to both people involved so no one can claim damage that didn't occur in the accident.

  4. Yeah, I like the REAL sugar free pudding, like as in Jello brand that you make yourself. But these pudding cups from the Weight Wellness class are kind of GROSS.

  5. Ok. Despite the fact that neither you nor the cop saw any damage to her car, how can the BACK of the car be TOTALED? If most of her car is ok, then it's not "totaled." End of story. Idiots - I'm sorry you have to deal with them.

    I've typed totaled so many times it looks really weird now.

  6. the only way the damage to her car would be considered totaled is if the cost of repair is close to the value of her car. but yes... katie votes that STI lady is full of crap.

    at least you have insurance. :) i didn't when i got in my accident in 2003. that thing's gonna haunt me forever.

  7. maybe she backed into something later to total the back of her car herself....

    I'll be she doesn't really have insurance either on top of being a loser.


    mmm... chocolate pudding.... mmm... Dinner.... the antiBoy needs to come back right NOW!

  8. Gruh. Lame! LAME! People can be so LAME! I'm sorry you have to deal with this crappola on top of all the other stresses in your life. Not fair. If it wasn't a bad idea all around I would so totally go get you some cookie dough. I'm bad that way too...*snickers*