Thursday, February 15, 2007

"You're such a girl." "You're the girl, Girl!" "Oh. WIGHT."

Okay, so the girls on the old Star Trek have VERY VERY pointy boobs. Like they could stab people with them! DANGEROUS. Watch out, Captain Kirk! Watching TV late at night is always special. Anyway, back to the real world. Today was Valentine's Day, and I wasn't really planning on it being a fun day because 1. I already HAD my cutesy fun over the weekend. 2. I am not doing so great Diabetically. I am being careful with my food choices (when I remember to eat) but the nerve block shot sends every blood sugar check through the roof and I feel like crap. UGH. And, well, Depression. Yeah. BLEH.

HOWEVER, it wasn't all bad, it was a good day! (Especially but after simultaneous pep talkage from CC (via IM) AND Fresno (via phone), well, I am feeling better.)

For one thing, when I went outside, I thought my sister had heart attacked me... with a cat.

That may seem odd, because, well, it was. Like, I opened the door to
see my very heart decorated Jeep and a white cat sitting on the hood by a bag of candies and my first thought was literally "Why did Rinny put a cat on my car?"

Then I thought like a NORMAL person and realized the cat was after the candy and had nothing to do with my sister. Trinket, one of the Roomies dogs, was going BALLISTIC behind me but I thought it was funny and so I ran to get my camera to send a photo to her telling her "Happy Valentine's and thanks for the Cat" but it jumped off before I got back and I just snapped a shot of it my the tire. Oh well. It was still pretty random.

What does a cat want with conversation hearts and pencils anyway? And all the while our poor dog KNEW the intruder was there and was j
ust having a little coronary there in the kitchen. Hee hee hee hee!

So that was fun. My little sister really IS cool. When she isn't pissing me off, anyway. ANYWAY, other than that I spent the majority of today making a list of things I wanted to get done (but didn't), helping the Roomie work with J a little bit on his
numbers and letters (in sign), watching a raccoon attack people on Little House on the Prairie, and finally going over to the Padres to half watch a basketball game I didn't care about but mostly just to hang out with my little brother. He showed me his new guitar, we compared music downloads, he said random funny stuff that made me laugh and almost cry (like how he was when the padres were gone this week and he had the house to himself...

"Like, minus the prostitutes it was pretty much like Risky Business. I think I just wore my underwear the whole time. I got clothes on, maybe, once, because somebody came to the door.")

DUDE. I am going to miss BoyKid SO MUCH when he leaves for Italy I don't think I can stand
it! I think I am driving his friends crazy because I keep following him places, because I miss him. Honestly, this is going to sound SO STUPID and really weird with relation to the difference between a boyfriend and a brother, but I think having Fresno here this weekend just reminded me how much I miss being with BOYS. ANY of them. Cousin Jas... Brady and Jade (my favorite boy cousins... Brady is dead. Jade is a dad and busy)... Elders in the Mission... BoyKid... Fresno. I have long been a tomboy and I have missed just having boys to play with. Now, OBVIOUSLY, there is another, whole, like KISSY element to the FRESNO thing, but really, Boys... I want to be with boys. And tonight that meant being with Spencer and his former roommates watching basketball and playing Risk. Worst thing is I wasn't even PLAYING (and I DOMINATE that game, seriously, ask the Fringe! Actually don't. Parker lies. He'll say the Sisters suck at Risk. But we won many times) I was being, like, an annoying little sister who won't go away. Except I was a BIG sister. Yeah.

Fresno needs to come bac
k... for BoyKid's sake! Keep me entertained and out of his way! Nobody wants a tag-along older sister, right? I need boys to play with. SIGH.

Valentine's DID end up a little more valentinesy anyway. Fresno called just before midnight (sounded AWFUL, though... he is sick and has been since coming. I am telling you, I am a cursed presence!). He had been super busy and stressed all day with work. But he wanted to call me before *my* Valentine's Day was over. It was so cutesy, I called him a girl for it (and he called me one in reply. Fair enough.). We talked for awhile (while chatting with CC online ... but only near the end, chica, I promise!) which made me feel happy and giggly
(even though we mostly talked about how sad and sick we both happened to be at the moment due to work or blood sugar or traffic or a sinus infection or a stupid customer service guy or whatever. Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!) Sometimes it is is just really really nice to feel, well, loved.


  1. So ... have those 3 little words, which are actually ginormous, been said yet?

    And, no, I'm not talking about, "bite me harder."

  2. mmm.... OR "lick me there" Hee hee hee

    dude... you can have ALL MY BOYS. I need a babysitter.

  3. heheheheheheheh ... I almost typed that first.

  4. Sickos. And no, not yet. We sort of talked about saying it, which was funny, and I sort of implied I wasn't quite ready to say it back because, yes, I am a chicken but he said that was okay and so basically he said "well, can I say I am very very glad to have this chance to see where things go and to be here with you now?"
    "Yes. And I can definitely say that back."

    I am such a dork. It's a really good thing he is REALLY nice (and patient).

  5. cc, it's official. she called us sickos after reading our 3 little words ... which i rather enjoy ... she *must* have no hormones. ;)

    and kip, moe said it to me wayyyyyyy before i was ready to say it back. and i panicked and emailed cc and said, "I'm broken!" hahahahahaha ... man. there are days I'm an idiot.

  6. Yeah, well, he sort of told me he was going going to tell me "in person" and I freaked and almost told him not to come the night before he was coming, and, yeah, I am a freak. So he agreed not to be serious very much when he came because I was sort of panicking... and I am having a stupid Depression time... and... yeah.

    And I like boys. I do not, as yet, LICK them.

  7. awww ... but biting and licking are fun!!!!

    depression sucks though. glad you didn't tell him not to come.

  8. at least you can admit you're a freak.


    I need someone to lick... I wonder if the antiBoy is still at the school...

  9. get a popcicle.

    (now I'm thinking dirty and it is SO your fault)

  10. it is NOT my fault that YOUR mind and blog is a playground for the inappropriate.


  11. Oh I BLAME YOU!

    And my blog... and mind... are blog playgrounds of the most innocent and pure type.

  12. No, Steph, don't you listen in sunday school? Hell doesn't have innocent and pure people.

  13. ooo ... popsicles ... those really big long, round ones ...


  14. HEY - I'm the only one out of this trio that doesn't have a vibrator.

  15. I don't have a vibrator ... I have a kegel exerciser which isn't to do THAT with.