Sunday, February 11, 2007

My First Ever Valentinesey Valentine's Weekend

The boy has been flown home, my lips hurt like crazy (I think I may be a little allergic to kissing), and now it is time for a weekend Recap Ala... ummm... Boyfriend. Yeah. Ha! Weird.

Friday Fresno flew in from Reno, where he had stayed Thursday night with J-&-Y but really not SLEPT (Y was insisting on an all-night Phase 10 Tournament) so he was pretty exhausted unfortunately. And then I pick him up and drag him all over. hee hee! Oh well, he survived. Anyway, we left the airport and since last time he came we didn't get to see ALL of the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point, well, we wanted to. (And still had free passes Rinny got us so we could go back the next day but hadn't). So as we headed south towards home, we stopped there.

Because we are uber dorks we had a lot of fun. We named the dinosaurs (like, as in, "Mo, a dentist from the south side, until he fell in love with Shelia" NOT "Pachyephalosaurus, Discovered in Wyoming."), played with the erosion table (and got looks from very annoyed children), took silly pictures... and looked for gnomes. Rinny came down from over from her office (still at TGP, but it's not in the Dinos) and talked to us awhile and gave us a eat-at-the-expensive-and-fancy-Harvest gift card! We were happy about that and so we headed over there only to find out that we were there BETWEEN lunch and dinner and it was closed. So, we decided to come back for dinner and go to a movie there and stuff after. First, though, we went back to my house.

Fresno finally got meet the Roomie and J (J as in Roomie's disabled tend-ee, J, not Fresno's J-&-Y in Reno J, obviously. (Yes, in my world there are 2 people that I call just the letter J. Confusing!)) because last time he was here, Roomie was at home in Delta. She thinks he is funny and nice. (He IS!) He thinks she is quiet... and kind of Amish... and older than him... and not funny. (she is quiet... and a little Amish-ish, I suppose, but really IS funny when you get to know her, AND is only 30, 31 in March... younger than Fresno.) Then Fresno decided he wanted to look at pictures and show me random home movie clips on a DVD, mostly he just wanted to show me him and some of his old high school friends in these commercials they made for a class. Very dumb and funny. But then randomly another part of the DVD he starts totally singing and rocking out to Blink 182's What's My Age Again? and I only heard 3 seconds of it before he about died jumping over the coffee table to get the remote to fast forward! It was AWESOME, he was blushing so hardcore, it was adorable. I kept teasing him trying to get him to let me watch but he wouldn't. He was so embarrassed... and so SO cute.

Dang it. I WILL see that music video. Hee hee hee! SOMEHOW, I WILL!!!

Sigh. He is just SO FREAKING CUTE.

Anyway, we watched his niece graduate kindergarten... J-&-Y's boy's open Christmas presents... him and his classmates (including an ex-girlfriend) make fake commercials for hairspray... saw half of church karaoke singing Do Likewise, My Friend ... and saw/heard 3 seconds of What's My Age followed by just seeing the rest, in fast motion with no sound and Fresno trying to cover the screen. Hee hee hee hee hee hee!

He also gave me my valentine's thingies! He gave me a stuffed red doggie with a heart on one foot and XOXO on the other. Sort of like a fluffy Clifford. Also a little red devil that whistles when you squeeze it (that the dogs both seem determined to attack now) that he said he got because it looked like my gliders. Hee hee hee hee! (what do YOU think?)

I gave him the anatomical candy heart and, yes, he thought it was hilarious and very very weird.

Then we looked at random photo albums of mine and pictures on my computer like those from Hawai'i... and he really liked the one with a fake tattoo I got from the Maori village in the PCC. That cracked me up. He HAS a tattoo... which he has told me on more than one occasion he got when he was not as good and wishes he had never done so. Because he really IS a really GOOD boy... mostly. Like way more churchy and righteous than me. But he was looking at that picture and goes "You know... that looks REALLY good on you."

"I know... I have to admit, it is kind of GOOD that I am so scared of needles. Because I kind of like tattoos... like I have drawn a few I would totally like to wear. So being afraid is... better, in some ways."

And then he was just all QUIET. And looking at my (real) arm. And sort of quietly says "What if you just didn't watch them do it?" And then he said "I'm sorry I'm sorry! I mean, never mind! Your body is a temple! And I am sorry I got mine. Yeah. Sorry."

It was cute... but ummm... I am embarrassed to say I do not think he knows how impressionable he randomly makes me. I wouldn't REALLY get a tattoo... but... it was an oddly... flattering(?) notion if that makes ANY sense?

Anyway, while looking at pictures, poor Fresno was about nodding off and just looked EXHAUSTED. We were sitting together on the couch and he asked if he could put his feet up on the coffee table and close his eyes a little. I told him that of course, but that was pretty silly, he was so tired he should actually take the WHOLE couch and take a nap. He just looked DEAD. He finally said "Okay, but only, for, like, 5 minutes." I told him fine (but really he slept for around 15 - 20 or so while I went online.) and moved to the other couch and let him snooze a bit.

When he woke up we went back to TGP for dinner. It was very good food... too good, really, because afterwards I ended up feeling really sick. I apologized to Fresno, and said we could still see a movie, but I was a dope and had NOT brought my blood glucose tester... or my insulin needle... and I was pretty certain I NEEDED it now. The steroid nerve block really does a number on my diabetes and I can NOT afford to splurge with it. YUCK. I felt like crap. Anyway, so we drove home and gave myself a stupid shot and rested for a little bit which was annoying. Then we played with the dogs for a little bit and looked up movies to go to.

We went to Epic Movie because we were in the mood for really silly humor. MISTAKE. Probably, like, 10% of the movie was good, if that. We laughed harder during the previews. (Oh we are SO seeing Blades of Glory!!!! "We will skate to one song and one song only. 'I'm gonna get you get you drunk get you drunk off my hump my hump my lovely lady hump...'" "I don't even know what that means!" "No one knows what it means! It's provocative!") Actually we laughed pretty hard during the movie too, but a lot of that was due to things we were TALKING about during the movie rather than the actual movie, which sucked.

Anyway, after that it was pretty late so we headed to the Padres' house (where he was staying). We talked to BoyKid and the Padres' for a bit (BoyKid had just got home a minute before us) but then Fresno was almost asleep on his feet anyway, so we said goodbye and he went to bed and I went home.

I didn't sleep for awhile, unfortunately, which was bad bad bad because trying to beat insomnia and wake up early enough on time is annoying enough without it interfering with BOY time! But interfere it did. We planned to meet up by 11 at the latest... giving me time to wake up and be ready. Set 3 alarms. Slept through ALL of them... AND several phone calls from the padres and Fresno, including telling me of the plan to go see UTFriend as soon as I got there. But then I wasn't there. And then Mom convinced him to go see UTFriend without me and loaned him their Durango, so he called to say not to rush, that he would just be really quick in Sandy and I could take my time getting up and getting ready and then we'd play. Well, I missed THAT call, too. So I was running like crazy to get to the padres' and then I got there and found out he had JUST left! It was only *then* that I got my messages. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, then I called him and told him I was SOOO sorry for sleeping late, and HE told me he was lost! Then I felt even worse! Because I have, like, the worst sense of direction ever, however one place I CAN get to, thanks to many a visit to Megan, is Sandy, Utah and he had driven all the way into Salt Lake. So I felt worse because I could have at least helped him get off at the right exit. And because I JUST missed him. Anyway, I gave the phone to Mom and we Mapquested him to UTFriend's house. Then he asked me to call him at 2 telling him to come back so that he could definitely leave because he was pretty sure UTFriend was going to try to capture him and not let him go. Because he is a good, but clingy, overbearing sort of friend (who also wants him to invest in real estate with him).

When I called I thought, you know, he might WANT to stay for a little with UTFriend. That would be okay. Or maybe if he wanted to do something in Salt Lake or around there, my mom said she would drive me up there to meet him and we would have their Durango. So when I called him to rescue him, I actually asked him "Hey, you can actually STAY. Do you want me to meet you up there?" and that was all I said before he said, panicked, "No no no no no yeah I can be home in 45 minutes.... is that soon enough? I will hurry. Yes. I am at his office, he is showing me paperwork, but I will hurry home AS FAST AS I CAN, okay?"
"Ah, so the rescue call WAS needed?"
"Yeah, I will do my best and hurry, okay?"
"Gotcha." It TOTALLY cracked me up.

He still didn't escape for quite some time and was upset that he had wanted so much "us time" but I told him not to worry about it. He also really wanted to take pictures of the snowy mountains and also hadn't had lunch but didn't want to say anything because UTFriend wanted to have a BBQ which would have been FOREVER. So I took him to Kneaders and told him we should go up to, like, Squaw Peak so he could get cool scenery shots. (And, YES, Squaw Peak is ALSO a major make out point, but let's face it, I am totally kiss-tarted so that wasn't actually why.) But guess what? It was CLOSED! Who ever figured tops of mountains closed? If they hadn't locked the fence thingy, we would have gone up anyway, because I think it was closed due to snow and I think the jeep could handle it, but oh well. We still took a couple of pics and then continued on and parked in front of a sign that said "No Parking or Stopping Anytime" to take pictures of Bridal Veil Falls and eat our sandwiches. Then this guy was parked right next to us with a camera, but he was pointed the other direction. We kept asking "what do you think he is looking at?" because our view was way pretty and we couldn't see ANYTHING cool his side. We were about to get out and ASK when ANOTHER car drove up and did it for us... "a mountain goat!"

Okay, now, that is really rare around here, but SO not worth getting out of the car in the cold rain to look at from THAT far away! It was like ant size from here! So we got back in the car. hee hee!

After we finished eating and looking at the mountain we went home to my house just to "chill." Fresno decided that he wanted to see the gliders again (he was a little afraid of them before). So we went to try to play with the kids. It went WAY better than I thought. They were all cute and looked at him, and the girls accepted a treat from him, but Heber really liked him and Fresno was really impressed. Heber flew back and forth for him and just LOVED Fresno, I think because he is a boy. He ran all over him and Fresno just talked and talked to him and Heber, like, tried to ANSWER! Like every time he'd talk, he'd chirp back to him. It was cute and Fresno kept laughing at him and making his shirt like a trampoline, but then Hebs would fly over and try and get into his favorite place... which was REALLY awkward considering the company... and Heber loves to try to get into my BRA. Gliders are not MODEST pets.

Then trying to keep him from DOING so, and trying to REMOVE him from my bra without Fresno seeing anything... yeah, it was around then that I suggested we better put the gliders away. Hee hee hee hee hee hee!

Then we looked at the fish for awhile (he ASKED to do these things, by the way. I was NOT dragging him around making him look at my babies, I SWEAR!). Then we went upstairs and he decided to just get out McKenzie the parrot! He was talking to her and sticking his fingers in her cage and I told him "Don't do that! She bites." But he didn't even listen, he was all "she seems nice to me" and opened the cage and took her out. But she DIDN'T bite him. He talked to her, put her on his head... crazy boy... crazy bird. I just kept telling him, she was a nice bird, but could randomly TURN mean... the dogs came in and started barking at him, not mean, just like THEY were saying oh no oh no he has the bird out! So the Roomie came out and I gave her a look like I didn't say he could and she just shrugged at me and then said "McKenzie actually behaves a LOT better for men" and calmed the puppies down. Then he put the bird back, and turned his attention to the dogs who he was way impressed with anyway because he likes that Shasta can "turn into a tiny vicious llama!" WEIRDO.

He asked the Roomie what tricks they could do and it was so funny. He looked like a little kid! He was all hyper and cheering for them! Granted, they earned it. Those puppies can sit, give 5, wave, etc... AND NOW they can say "Hello"... yes, as in SAY IT like those America's Funniest Home Videos dogs.

After the puppy circus we even played with Boo, the gerbil, and Tortuga, the turtle. Not that THEY cared that much, but Fresno wanted to. Hee hee hee! Then we just sat close together on the love seat, and watchedThe Producers which I think is HILARIOUS and he ended up loving (yeah... he loves musicals. But isn't a Rinny-Boy! Cool, eh?) and we laughed a lot (it is a LITTLE dirty for a musical, though, just so I warn anyone who sees it. *I* love it, but would only recommend it to CERTAIN types of sense of humor types, you know?) It was good to just be there, like, next to him watching that silly musical or playing with the puppies or whatever. Yeah. Just good... in GENERAL. He is good. And nice and funny and cute and honest and righteous and real and sweet and silly and hot and intelligent and caring and enthusiastic and strong and loyal.

I was really afraid I would not be able to wake up for church the next day and I REALLY wanted to. I prayed REALLY hard though, and I DID sleep in longer than I wanted but I got ready in, like, 10 minutes. Some kind of record in Girl-World, I tell ya! And we were late, but still ALMOST on time, and I zoomed to the Padres (in the rain), Fresno hopped in (looking VERY good, by the way... he is one of those boys that looks HOT in church clothes rather than, like), and we flew to the church. Actually we were in a very very very very very silly mood. and so when he got in the car and looked at me and said "you look really good" and I said "so do you" he said "nice comeback!" And then we couldn't stop being dumb the whole time at church. Mali saved us seats for our (Mine and Mali's... Fresno does not know her, obviously) friend Jessi's homecoming talk at church (and threatened to sit between us if we didn't behave... because we kept giggling and talking.). Jessi did good. And said something in Russian that sounded like...ummm... Bullsh** that made us snicker because we were still being silly and immature but we found out it meant, like, "more than." Anyway, we were not very reverent.

But it was fun to see people from the old "'hood." And Good to be AT Church again, after some time of NO church. And all that stuff. Yeah. However, Fresno's plane was leaving right after so we talked to Jessi and a few others and then left for the Padre's, grabbed a sandwich and his suitcase, and drove him to the airport. It was SAD! I didn't expect to feel so sad. I will see him in another month or 2, I know, and we talked on the phone 2 times since then already... but I miss him.

ANYWAY, so that is it. *My* Valentine's Day... even though it wasn't the 14th. I am still getting used to this whole Boyfriend idea. But I am LIKING it more... or at least liking him more. And now I miss him. So we will see what happens. "Live and See." But it was a GOOD WEEKEND. And that was a long post. (saving it up is dangerous that way!)


  1. awwww ... I'm so glad you had fun! and now I'm wishing I'd got the anatomical heart for Moe ... ;)

    and I really like the graphic of the kids' shadows holding hands. THAT is cool.

    The Producers -- watched it with my sister and I was kind of embarrassed. Probably would have done better to watch it on my own. One of my quirks -- I get embarrassed watching movies like that with other people (even Moe), but giggle at them when I'm by myself.

  2. Dud I LOVE that movie (I like the old one too though). I watched it in front of my parents... eh.

  3. Dud? what the?


    You are so bad at being a girly girl. Hee hee. You need more practice!!

    Just kidding. ;)

  4. I totally was waiting for the kissing details too! I mean come on, you hinted at it, and then NOTHING! ;-)

    Sounds like you had a great time, I'm glad.