Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday's Thir-AND STOP!

So, you know those Blogging Meme things? I admit, I actually *like* them! I see a lot of you, my friends do them and I sort of look on with envy. I mean, okay, take Wordless Wednesday. I LOVE pictures! I love photography, But it is that whole wordless thing... I am just not a good wordless person. Not talking? Yeah, that doesn't fly with me. Thursday's 13 and Friday's Faves I just FORGET. I guess , I remembered today and it's Thursday. I should do Thirteen things... what things... hmmm...

But tell me, for the Memeholics, what do you write Saturday through Tuesday? Are there Tuesday Tunes? Or Sunday Stars? What about the rest of the meme week?

Anyway, Oh yeah, I was going to be a conformist for today!

Thursday's Thirteen

13 People I *Especially* Like Today...

1. Dr. YeahBaby! I had an appointment today and when he asked me how the headache was and stuff (GREAT... as in GONE! Woohoo!) he said "Awesome! That's what we like to hear, and it just so happens we don't charge for good news."
"Well, we like you to come in, rather than calling in... just so we can see. But we aren't going to CHARGE you for that!" I'm thinking, why NOT? All the other doctor's would. But yeah, he does a check up, vitals, etc, and then sends me on my way... and REFUNDS my co-pay!
So he fixed my head (and can do so again in 6-12 months when it happens again) AND gave me my follow up for free? Dr. YeahBaby is a GOOD doctor.

2. Mom. I mean, hello, she's my mom... AND my friend. Also, even though she is still stressing but about BoyKid's Farewell, she cowgirled up and told T-La that BoyKid really wanted to see the kiddlets but that the sleepover needed to NOT be the night before the Farewell. Yay Mom! And yay T-La for being okay about it. I mean she SHOULD be, but still good job for it anyway.

3. BoyKid because 1. he is funny and 2. he is dealing with our Padre without killing him. Seriously, Padre is DANG ANNOYING right now because BoyKid is his best friend and he is leaving. So he is trying to make BoyKid hang out with him, like, 24/7. And THEN last night he tried to convince BoyKid that while he was in Italy, his savings should be working for him, too... in ITALY. That's right, my dork of a dad wants to make my baby bro invest all of his Non-Mission Savings in the stock market, specifically in an account that does all things Italian. "So as you are there, seeing the economy change, you can know your money at home is doing the same!"
"Dad. I will be on a MISSION! I am not going to be reading the stock market in the paper! I can't watch TV! I just want to leave my money here and have it here when I come back!"
Ummm... EXACTLY?! What is Padre THINKING?! MORON! Yeah, he does NOT make the 13. My TURTLE out ranks my dad today.

Actually, I am tired of writing. So let's just call it Thursday's Three (thus keeping that wonderful alliteration a good blog meme needs)... Three and Turtle.

Tortuga the Turtle. He is cooler than my dad.

p.s. "Nerds Unite" is that picture (you know, the one that ISN'T a baby picture of my turtle?) and it is another Threadless shirt I love.


  1. Cute turtle!!!!!

    That *is* a good doctor. My surgeon's office actually did the same thing for my followup -- had me go in, but didn't even charge the co-pay, just said, "we don't charge for the postsurgical followup visit." Gotta love that.

  2. yeah.. my mom never had to pay for her cancer follow-ups.... it was pretty groovy.

  3. Isn't he, though?! I need to take a follow-up shot of him in a measuring cup. He was so TINY as a baby! That is a Tablespoon he is in. Now he would hardly fit in a CUP.

    Of course, *I* still think he's adorable... just, bigger.

  4. Wow, I really like that Dr. There should be more out there like it!