Sunday, February 4, 2007


Guess what? I made it to Church! And most of the day was very good, if rather painful. But a BEAUTIFUL day for it. I parked far from the doors of the chapel because the weather was so nice at last! I wore sandals and it just felt so nice walking to the church in without shivering! Sigh! It felt so springy! Thank you, Puxatony Phil! (Though I am sure it is super temporary)

It was a good
meeting. It was fast and testimony meeting, which sometimes annoys me, but this time it seemed everyone who shared their feelings about this gospel were sincere at least. And it was just good to be there. For a little while, my head got so bad I couldn't stay sitting and had to leave to lay back in the foyer. I hated that and felt embarrassed, but at least came back for a little after that, though I still hurt so much.

I also made an appointment to talk with the Bishop.
I went home, played with the dogs a little, ate some soup, and, as our tradition dictates, watched LHOTP with
the Roommate. Then it was time to hurry BACK to the church to talk to the Bishop. We talked about my health a lot, but also about getting my Temple recommend again. Get back going regularly, you know? At least as soon as I can get this head nightmare under control. I don't love this ward. But I am trying. And I DO like the Bishop and trust him. So that is SOMETHING anyway. He also gave me a blessing that the doctors would do a good job tomorrow, and that I would have peace about it. But I am still pretty nervous.

So it is a good Sabbath. Oh, and by the way, I *know* this isn't a normal Sunday. It is SUPER BOWL Sunday! But, well, I am just NOT in the mood for foo
tball today. Although, as I was explaining in a recent survey I have recently become much more of a football fan provided the "company" is right. I have always liked football, but am more of a walk in for 2 minutes, catch the score, walk out, etc. type fan. Sort of like Sports ADD. hee hee! But I think I watched an ENTIRE football game for the first time in a few YEARS this year day after Thanksgiving because I happened to be seated closely on the couch next to my SUPER football fan, "Fresno."

But I am not all that footbally when I am here, alone, you know? Plus, well, no team I love. That would make a difference. (Besides that I like COLLEGE ball, not NFL much anyway, but if it must be NFL it is 49ers or Texans... and I don't expect to see them in the Super Bowl anytime soon. Hee hee! But college is better.)

Anyway, I saw a commercial today (NOT a funny "Super Bowl" one, a really lame and sappy Hallmark card one) that showed the EXACT card my grandma sent m
e for my birthday on my mission that I kept! One that meant a lot to me, and that I hung on my wall here at my house with a turtle planting a tree. The commercial was stupid. But because of how my mission was going at that point, the poem on that silly card, well, it wasn't. And, well, today it also made me miss my grandma.
A Story About You
Who in their life
hasn't planted a peach pit
just hoping that somehow
a seedling would grow?

And then they move on

to some other adventure,
and if it comes up-
well, they don't even know.

That's one way

of picturing your style of living.

You've planted ideas
and dreams unaware.

You've noticed somebody

whose heart needs attention

and planted a positive feeling in there.

It's part of your nature.
You may not remember
the kind and encouraging
things that you've done...

But everywhere,

"peach pits"
are growing like crazy,

and people are blooming.

(I know it-I'm one.)

Thank you, Grandma. It is so weird to think of her being, well, dead. It's bizarre. Also, this may sound mean if you don't know our family, but, it's also kind of bizarre to be MISSING her so much. Not for Mom, obviously. She would miss her mother. But for me. Yeah... but I miss my Grandma today.

I'll tell you one thing about Grandma though, I did NOT get my lack of cleaning from her. She was like a scrub everything from ceiling to floor lady. Though pack rat, well we had that in common. But I didn't have the Great Depression frugality to blame for it... just not so great depression itself. And at least I don't wash, hang and REUSE plastic wrap. (Ew.)

So far, though, our sink is shiny and the kitchen is good in general and I am making headway on the living room. And I plan to do some serious FlyLady stuff this week. I am hoping to at least have the house looking good for Fresno coming. (And, no, I am not trying to trick him... he knows how messy I am. Just hoping he won't drown in clutter while he's here, you know. Though he is sleeping at the padres' not here. But yeah.

Peach Pits...
Kitchen Sinks...
Sigh. Trying not to think about shots.



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  1. I am thinking about you and your shots today. I hope it all goes well lady!