Monday, February 19, 2007

I, Kipluck, being of Unsound Mind and Unsound Body...

It seems as soon as I can pry myself off the couch with no more evil headaches for at least some length of time it seems the universe (or perhaps the couch itself?! (by the way, that couch picture is a shirt.... a shirt I WANT. You should buy it for me... or for you... and more.)) decides that just won't work to have Kipluck up and well.So early Sunday morning I got SLAMMED with a stomach flu. Yeah, you pretty much KNOW something's wrong when *I* wake up at 5 am (especially as I went to sleep at, oh, 3ish). I woke up and started throwing up like crazy. Then I started crying. Then I took a bath. Then napped a little more between throwing up. I spent most of Sunday sleeping, reading, crying, being super dizzy, and feeling lonely. I called my mom and found out that my dad had had the same thing a couple days ago, just a 24 hour thing, luckily. Thanks for sharing, Padre! Seriously though, it was just an ultra sucky day... luckily, like Padre's, I am feeling much better (physically anyway) already. But not before feeling like I was put through the spin cycle in a washing machine. Anyway, Sunday was just not great. Neither, truth be told, was last night because I had really REALLY yucky dreams all night. Like... bad, as in I hate that my brain even thinks them, and not even FUN-bad... just... yuck. Anyway, yeah, I woke myself up this morning by screaming and crying in my sleep and I have the feeling I may have even done some sleepwalking which SCARES ME TO DEATH. I don't [*think* I] sleepwalk anymore unless I am pretty sick and/or out of it. But every once in awhile, apparently I still do, and I don't know that I did, I just felt weird like maybe I did and I HATE that feeling.

Anyway, even if I stayed in bed the whole time, the dreams were disturbing and I just really wanted to be awake and back to quasi-normal. And I really REALLY wanted to go to the pool because all of my muscles hurt after my lovely yawning in Technicolor the day before. But I
forgot about PRESIDENT'S DAY. My regular pool was CLOSED. So I had to go to the Orem Rec. Center. That was bizarre. It has been, all, remodeled... but still seems MIGHTY ghetto compared to my physical therapy place. But I was NOT going to let what was supposed to be a happy thing like a holiday KEEP me from doing something that makes me feel better about myself and happier.

So, yeah, at least I swam.
AND I did some "Flying" around the house.
And I birdy-sat McKenzie and even got her out and played with her and gave her scratches and stuff.
And I took my meds
(and, yes, cried a little more, but I am on different anti-depressants, too, so some of that may not kick in yet and I am not 100% stable right now).
And I prayed.
And I at least did NOT throw up anymore, and watched 24 with the Roomie when she came home and ate brussel sprouts and gnocchi for dinner.

So... I
DID good today, and I felt better... than the weekend anyway.


  1. ewww ... being sick like that ... ewwww ... hubby was sick saturday ... i have it today ... but we're not as bad off as you (no puking involved, just feel like I'm gonna).

    anyway. glad you're feeling better. sorry your body isn't cooperating with the "feel better" program.

  2. ugh..... I'm glad it didn't last long at least! I almost stopped to see you last night. maybe it's good that I didn't.

  3. I am so sorry! I was sick last night and it's no fun!

    I havent had a flying dream in a while.

  4. Man, that gunk is STILL going around? Lame. Sorry it got to is NO FUN. Glad you are feeling better and got to watch 24. :D