Friday, February 16, 2007

Lord Love a Duck!

Today's been long and very frustrating. When I woke up, My To Do list was:
  • Go to Stephie-and-TwinMan's reception

So, I wake up and find out, SURPRISE, my cell went on the fritz. Not the service even, but, it appears anyway, the phone (Probably because I drop it so often.) Anyway, it isn't ringing, even when I *see* it ringing. And it is not on silent. And sometimes it doesn't even do that. So I try to call Cricket and get no answer! They keep telling me their HOURS, umm... people it is WITHIN those hours?

Fine, whatever, I need to speak to a human.


To Do...

  • Cricket Store
    • Explain phone issue and Warranty
      • Interested in buying Motorola SLVR for internet price, plus mail in rebate. How does that work into warranty deal?
          • What would I do with old, faulty phone?
          • If I buy online how do I NOT buy a plan? (I already have
  • Go to Stephie-and-TwinMan's reception
SIGH. Anyway, so I decided probably my first stop better be the bank because, well, I should have money in the bank before spending it, then to the pharmacy so I can TAKE the new pills I am prescribed... and the ones I was prescribed before that I am out of... on my way to the fun party store to pick up the cute bride and groom rubber duckies can sit atop the Downy Simple Pleasures and Purple Duck Tape (they registered for both those things. I'm not kidding!) and I can put the cheesy note: To The Ducky Couple... when life gets you down... just stick together! Then hopefully get a new phone for some off for having this broken one still in warranty then grab some groceries, get Peeps to add to the wedding gift, spend a little time online catching up on email, get cute, and then me and Rinny will go see Stephie and her Twin-slash-Husband, talk, etc. Game plan; established!

Why did I think that would all work like that?

The bank was fine, at least. The Pharmacy? Well, I got the new meds, but the old one, one that I want to get off, but have to go off slowly of I may have bad side-effects? Well, my new insurance doesn't cover it. Okay, that's fine. I am only going to need it one month, to wean off.... I will pay cash.

The cash price of that ONE PRESCRIPTION: $450.00.

So I decided that against Dr.'s instruction I would be going cold turkey because I DON'T have that much money. GEEZ!

I paid for my others, and took my new meds at the drinking fountain. However, it was taking a LOT longer than I thought and I was worried about meeting Rinny to go to the wedding and I kept calling her with no response and I wasn't sure if that was because she was busy (or at the Temple, since I thought she was going on a Friday) or because my dumb cell phone is being so psycho right now. Also, I was worried about GETTING my dumb phone working. So instead of going to Zurchers to get the wedding ducks, I went to the Cricket store. (Actually, I forgot where I had just SEEN the store and called Mali and asked because we had talked about it for some reason. )

The guy said they were OUT of the phone I was looking at and also that that mail-in rebate thing had expired, so I wouldn't get that deal, it would be $200. I said,
no, I had SEEN an expiration and it had been February 28th. He showed me the computer, said that if I looked on my computer now that it would be gone. (BULL.) He said to come back after the weekend to get the phone I wanted. I didn't trust him anyway because I knew what I had read, and planned to print it out beforehand and was NOT going to be fast-talked by a commissioned salesman. So I left, annoyed, and with a still sketchy phone, and headed for Zurchers.

I just figured, like any novelty/party supply store, that it sold Oriental Trading Company stuff, so it would have the ducks I saw in the catalog but didn't order because I only wanted one set and didn't want to wait 6-8 weeks for. But after looking through the whole store (a FUN store, by the way!), NO WEDDING DUCKS. So I asked them where they might get them. The girl said "I'd try Xpedx Paper Store." which seemed random, but, okay. I did buy their gift back and
tissue paper and stuff, though.

To Do...

  • Go to Stephie-and-TwinMan's reception

Yeah. No ducks at the paper store. My phone is now not even calling out. I have no rubber duckies. AND I am feeling totally ill. Like dizzy, sick, and my mouth tastes like salt. I am not
quite sure if this is because I just started new meds I'm not used to or have withdrawals from going off Topamax suddenly because it's 400 bucks. And the salty thing may not be even related. It's just weird.

I take a break from the ducks and go to a grocery store... Macey's. Got the Milk, Eggs... they don't have Peeps! They have all the OTHER Easter candy, but no Peeps? Weird. So I hit another grocery store on the way to Michael's, another craft store with wedding stuff; Smith's. NO PEEPS.

And No Duckies!

FINALLY at Party Land! (why didn't I go THERE first?!) I find some success! I found cheerleader duckies! Pirate Duckies (like I have on my Jeep antenae)! Luau Duckies (I have those too.)! Doctor and Nurse Duckies! Army Duckies! But NO WEDDING DUCKS. I was about ready to CRY. I took up a box of Bicyclist Duckies to the register and said "these ducks come in, well, everything, and I KNOW they come in Bride and Groom! Do you have them anywhere? In the back? I know it sounds stupid, but I am desperate!" The girl went to look, and a woman standing in line looked at me weird.

"Do you collect Rubber Duckies?"

"Well, YES, but these are for a friend."

"But you
do collect them?"


"Do you have different kinds?"

"Well, like I have them in my car, and pirate ones and luau ones and stuffed ones, and my bathroom is rubber ducks and stuff, and some other ones people have given me?" I was feeling
really on the spot as I don't typically discuss rubber ducky collecting with strangers.

THEN I went with the girl to where the ducks MIGHT be and she said "I guess we are out" just as I SAW a box and
cheered! I actually took the whole dozen just because. When I got to the desk Question Lady was still standing there.

"My name is Genelle. I am an Editor with the Deseret News. We have been looking for a rubber duck collector. Here is my card. I'd like to do a story on you. Call me."

And then she left. I was really happy to find the ducks, but, umm 1. I don't think I have enough duckies to be, like, FAMOUS for it. and 2. I don't really want to have my picture taken and have a bunch of people see it. So I think IF *I* call her at all I will say I am really sorry but that I don't have
that many duckies, and I don't want you to see them in my messy house or to see me all fat and dorky like I am, find another duck lover, Lady!

They didn't have Peeps at Albertson's either! WHERE have they GONE?! Have they MIGRATED? And if so, how?! They have no wings... they look like they'd move like slugs. So Stephie get no Peeps in her gift. I know they are (Sort of) chickens not ducks anyway. But STILL. I was disappointed. And Phoneless. And sick. And salty? And running late!

I got home and was feeling really dizzy. I wanted Rinny to answer the phone and get over here and I would make HER drive to the reception. But still, no answer. And if I didn't think my gift was so corny and cute I was almost not wanting to go. Because, well, I am still not too keen on weddings anyway. And you shouldn't drive dizzy. But the thing was to go from 6-8 pm and it was 7:45 and so I left, without Rinny. And I got there AT 8. Luckily they weren't, like REALLY done. She was tossing her bouquet. It was kind of weird to see Stephie. She was excited to see me and hugged me hard (her mom remembered me, too). And she introduced me to TwinMan as "my very best friend in high school!" and it sort of surprised me, though it was true, I guess. She and Speedy Gus anyway. Well, and Mali, though she wasn't in high school when I was. So as far as school friends, yeah, Stephie was, at least, my best friend that was a girl. I just didn't realize it. Especially since we haven't been in contact for so very long.

Anyway, we decided we SHOULD play, even though she will be all married and such. So at some point, yeah. Oh, and they didn't look AS twinny once they were wearing different clothes like a tux verses a wedding dress. Hee hee hee! I took an almost certain to be terribly angled shot of myself with one of those disposable cameras on a table and looked at the cake and felt so woozy I thought I might fall over so I went to my car really quickly. I sat there in my car feeling so sick and prayed to get home safe. Rinny DID call THEN and said "Ummm, yeah, so I forgot we were going to that wedding thing!" I told her it was fine and didn't matter.

I got home (obviously.).

It has been a VERY long day.



  1. Duckies!!!!

    Dude. I'd go BUY duckies and START collecting just to be in the paper. (not really, i'm a liar). But I still think that's awesome!!!

  2. *HUGS*

    wow.... what a day! goodness....

  3. uh, what a day...

    She is looking for a duck collector. Like they were all sitting around and thought "we NEED a story on Duck Collecting."

  4. Seriously. She acted like they HAD been looking. NOT like she had come up with it just then. Like that is how she said it, like FINALLY, someone who collects rubber ducks for our article! WHAT THE... I was thinking "How bad of a news day would the day need to be for them to do an entire story on someone who collects rubber duckies?!"

  5. I think you should call her about the interview but be all sneaky. Like, no photographs. If they have an oral interview, you should ask to be in the darkness on the chair where no one can see you. All secret and secret like. That would be cool. OOOH! And then you could fuzz out all the ducks too! Keep their identities secret. Mwa ha ha ha.

    Glad you got to see Steph. She's cool. I still remember randomly running into her at Gandalfo's. :D

  6. Hope you're okay without the meds. It's possible that you could get them free this month through the county...not sure how that works in Utah, but they do it here and it's been a lifesaver for me. (((hugs)))
    So glad I can read your blog again, it makes me laugh! Thanks again for the info on the rat situation.

  7. Mali, THAT would be funny. I should as for a voice changer, too.

    "Ummm... it's just for the news paper"

    "What's your POINT?@!"