Friday, February 9, 2007

Rinny's Thrillin' Cotillion with the Gilmorberrys

SO, Fresno is in here asleep on the couch and I thought I would take this nap time opportunity to write about things thus far because Naps are Insomnia No-Nos and besides it's quiet and I am bored.

But today has been very good so far. Fresno is so awesomely hilarious. But first I
should probably cover yesterday. It was better than expected. For one thing, rather than an "up do" like the other girls, I just got a trim and style and it ended up that the girl doing my hair and her brother were looking into Sugar Gliders and had a zillion questions about them. Ah, my FAVORITE TOPIC! Hee hee hee! So that wasn't bad. And Rinny got her tiara (and matching necklace and earrings) and her fancy hair done around the tiara along with her friends, Melissa 1, Melissa 2, and Not Melissa.

Then we changed into dresses and met at the country club. There was toasting, dancing, and sitting on a piano (before someone came in and caught us) so I could take better photos. There were uptight looking family photos... it felt very Gilmore Girls, and I thought for THOSE at least we should not smile, but only Rinny and I seemed to get what I meant by "frown... you know, like the Gilmores" even though Mom is as obsessed as us. Hee hee! Anyway, it was a good "cotillion," after all. And I am sorry (mostly) for my attitude toward my little sister. Happy birthday to her.

Actually, I think I am going to split this up and write about TODAY today. If I get time today, anyway. When Fresno wakes up we are going out to dinner. We may be too busy DOING stuff to write about it, I might just have to recap it all Sunday night. For now, this will just be *Thursday* night. He's awake!


  1. Your sister is still weird. Hee hee... but that sounds like it was fun!! I almost called you on my way out of Happy Valley... but at 2:30 in the AM with a boy on the loose... I decided not to.

  2. Ooh play by play of I'm glad the party was still fun. That always helps. :D

  3. hehehehe. fun! I want a cotillion!!! *snort*

  4. really miss one of those Melissa's. :-)

    Sounds like you ended up having a ball.

    Love the teasers about Fresno. Even if they were not intentional.