Thursday, February 8, 2007

no second base, due to a few critical design flaws

It has been SO LONG since I have had a good day, a painless, silly, happy day, I think I have forgotten what they are like! It felt like being 12 years old on a Saturday. Weeee!!!

Jessi, a friend of mine and Mali's, just came home from her LDS mission (Yay!) and so Mali called me up to play! Well, Jessi ended up needing to bail, but Mali and I still got to chill like the old days... shopping, talking... okay, granted, we both bought memory foam mattress toppers, which is not exactly the type of things we used buy. Mostly back in the day it was Playmobil. Hee hee hee! (Though we DID get some fun stuff too... a stuffed dragon, the OLD Charlotte's Web (that is in honor of Fresno coming, though... he LOVES that movie!), some little horses to paint (those are for Megs. She is not doing so swell. I am worried. I miss her... a LOT.), some fun shirts, etc.) We also bought some AWESOME valentines that we can't actually GIVE to anyone because they involve teddy bear sex but that we had to buy ourselves because they made us laugh for, like, forever and a day.

There was one really REALLY terrible time at Target when I was looking for a new battery for my blood glucose meter. Guess who was at the same counter, asking about a CD? SoftTissueInjury Lady. I didn't know what to do. It was like I was half way going to scratch her eyes out, half way going to start crying like a baby... I just basically started having a panic attack just looking at her... she didn't see me. Mali and I just went over and stared intently at some phones till she left. I didn't know what I could or should do, I just knew I could barely breath I was so upset right then. I felt sick. I just... UGH. Anyway, I didn't say anything to her.

I blew off water aerobics... and my weight wellness class... but I walked around Target a lot? Hee hee hee! We watched a chick flick (Must Love Dogs... one of my DVDs), ate Chinese food, talked about boys, (Yes, all very cliche and I do not care it ROCKED.) went to Hot Topic... it was just FUN. And headacheless!

Now, I am not looking forward to TOMORROW all that much... my sister has decided that for her birthday she wants us to get, like, wedding hair. Like up-dos. And dress in formals. And have a "Cotillion type lunch at a Country Club." FINE for her FRIENDS who all HAVE, like 5 formals from high school to pick from so they can play princess. But I sure don't have one nor do I plan to buy one so Rinny can play dress up. So I say just let her and her friends do it. Apparently she BAWLS and throws a fit about how I don't want to do anything for her and how Mom doesn't have a real formal but SHE is pulling something together and still getting her hair done with them and blah blah blah blah blah blah. Sometimes my sister is cool and I really like her. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE TIMES. She is dealing (or rather REFUSING to deal with appropriatley) with depression and everything not going her way perfect is a sign that we are all against her and hate her. Happy Birthday, Princess Rincess. Baby sister, turning 26 and STILL and always gets her way. I am a sucky sister, but I feel like kicking her in the head.

But instead, I will be getting my stupid hair done with a bunch of other girls that I feel fat around, and eating at a stuck up country club while wearing a velvet blouse and long shiny skirt and a crystal necklace. But dang it all, I am going to order whatever they have Beer-battered.

As for FRIDAY... I AM NERVOUS! I get all re-nervous when I think about Fresno coming. But I have decided I AM taking him to Jessi's homecoming, even though that is scary to me because that ward is like family to me. YIKES!!! But... yeah... SIGH. Fresno. Friday. More later. GOODNIGHT.

P.S. Mali...

What could <----their Moms even SAY? Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee! SO wrong.


  1. yay no headaches! that's awesome! lol

    your sister cracks me up sometimes.... granted, it's because she's not taking care of her mental issues.... but yeah. lol. I say kick her in the head!

    or not... but that is a FUNNY Glamour shot!

    Sometimes I forget how old your sister is.

  2. Hee hee hee hee hee hee...ok so I'll probably think of that card EVERY FREAKING TIME I see a Teddy Bear. OH! I just realized my mom has some from Hallmark that kiss!!! AH ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  3. Teddy Bears that is. Not that she doesn't have cards...I'm sure she does. But cards kissing is weird. So are Teddy Bears...but that makes a little more sense. Ha.

  4. Sister issues are no fun. I have two sisters and they are both younger and COMPLETLY different. I never know what to say because it really isn't going to matter, I'll upset one and she'll cry, or the other and she'll get mean.

    But I love them...

    Oh and seems like that STLady is moving around ok. :-)

    Oh and I'm so excited for Mr. Fresno to be coming! Yea!

  5. Dude... STLady = Soft Tissue.

    This is my blonde moment - I'm allowed a couple per year... EVERY time I read STLady... I just associated it with Sexually Transmitted Disease.

    Which of course now makes it even funnier for me because I think "SOME PEOPLE'S KIDS!!!"

  6. yippee for no headaches!

    and i would have freaked if i saw STI lady too. and then as soon as we were apart made some clever remark to whoever i was with about how i wish i was woman enough to scratch the lady's eyes out.