Friday, February 2, 2007

"Do you ever have Deja Vu?" "I Don't know. I could Check with the Kitchen?"

Happy Groundhog Day!!! I should watch that movie right NOW. I own it mostly so I CAN watch it every Groundhog Day. Actually, I love it ANY time. Hee hee hee hee! "I was in the Virgin Islands once. I met a girl. We ate lobster and drank pina coladas. At sunset we made love like sea otters. That was a pretty good day. Why couldn't I get that day over and over and over... " Coats sent me a Groundhog Day card. Because she likes stupid holidays as much as me. Hee hee hee! I am a holiday junkie. But I actually do not know if Phil SAW his shadow today. I should find that out, huh? Google it or something... Oh, here we go:

Early Spring... In RHYME, no less! HA!

Today has been, well, a better than YESTERDAY day. I didn't have to talk to anybody about STILady and her imaginary car wrecks.
I went to Physical Therapy, which, as usual, HURT.... but was better after. Then I went to the pharmacy and found out which of my meds were no longer covered by my new insurance. That wasn't so fun. So I bought frozen cookie dough. Then I went home and talked for awhile with the Roomie and played with the puppies and watched Perry Mason.

I was planning to go work out at the other pool with my mom, but she was late and then she called me and told me WHY was that my sister Rinny was having a little Pre-Valentinesy Emotional Breakdown. She and BoyKid had a double date planned to go to a Divine Comedy show. (ALWAYS HILARIOUS!!!) BoyKid with KidKiddo and Rinny with any of her random boys.

The problem, being it is Rinny, was THAT would be the extent of the planning and so today, the day OF the show she called, about 2 hours before it started, these random boys she liked. They had, not surprisingly, PLANS. Some of them were actually ON dates when she called.

However, instead of the logical conclusion of "Crap, I SO should have planned farther ahead and asked someone earlier" she came to the conclusion that every boy now hates her, she is hideous, and will be a spinster the rest of her life... because, well, it is February and she is single and her birthday is soon and that is the kind of thing you start to think when it is February and you are single and your birthday is coming soon. I know, I have had those. MANY MANY times. Rinny is just having a hard one right now. (Plus, (and I am trying not to be offended by this because, hello, I AGREE I am not girlfriend material!) she is really really mad that Fresno likes me. Like she was crying and mad that "even [Kipluck] has a boyfriend!!!" but also, specifically, she thinks Fresno is really cute and nice (which he IS) and "a little more of my type of boy than hers anyway!"

Okay, I know this is a little tangent, but can I just say, I have enough of a neurotic insecurity about that without a litt
le actual TRUTH entering into it?! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?! (Now I just have to keep repeating to myself "Fresno likes ME not my cuter, skinnier sister. Fresno likes ME not my cuter, skinnier sister." GRAND. GRRRRR...)

Anyway, after bawling her head off for forever, *I* went instead of her date. Poor Rinny. It was a funny show, though. And me and Rinny actually talked and I finally saw her new place. And NEW is... well, like MONTHS. I have never seen my sister's apartment. We talked about boys and relationships and... well, marijuana... and our parents and life in general. Her new place is cute. Very, well, HER. Her bedroom is PINK. Princess stuff. Yeah. But cute... a lot cleaner than mine, obviously. And not, well, ME. But cute. However, she said it costs her too much at $450 so she wants out. So I don't know how long she'll be there. But anyway, it WAS fun. Too bad she had to be sad for it to happen, but still. Anyway, that was my day. (And by the way, I totally AM watching Groundhog Day as I write.

Your Life Is Worth...


Huh. I'm a steal of a deal.

And, onto the Survey that Stewie tagged me with...

A - available or taken: Taken? WEIRD!
B - best friend: I *heart* my friends, so it is hard to say BEST. The incomparable CC, my cousin/bestest friend Megs, Mali the Nasty Butler, Out of My League Cute Fresno, The Fringe (Coats, Parker & Lil' Benny Jeppson) and My Mommy.
C - cake or pie: Depends on the occasion. PROBABLY cake (chocolate)... or the union of the two, Cheesecake.
D - drink of choice: I really like chocolate milk and hot chocolate, especially fancy flavored ones. Soda-wise I would have to go with either Black Cherry Fresca or homemade root beer.
E - essential item you use everyday: Good call, Stewie. But mine is SoftLips!
F - favorite color: Purple
G - gummy bears or worms: I like 'em BOTH. But I guess bears because you can actually PICK the flavor.
H - hometown: I usually claim Orem, Utah... Lai'e, Hawai'i... and Cleveland, Texas
I - indulgence: All things CHOCOLATE.
J - January or February: Well, THIS January has rather sucked, So I am holding out for a happier, warmer February!
K - kid's names: Presently? The fuzzy ones? Epiphany Jo, Lilo, Heber... in the future, non-fuzzy ones, I like Amythyst for a girl and Kimball for a boy.
L - life incomplete without: Friends, Animals, Family, Books, and the Gospel!
M - marriage date: Ummm someday?
N - number of siblings: 2, one brother one sister
O - oranges or apples: Probably apples, unless we're talking juice. then it's orange. <--The opposite. Oranges. Unless it's Juice. P - phobias or fears: shots, doctors, public speaking... sometimes elevators... ugh.
Q - favorite quote: today it is "I don't care what Jim says, I am 99% sure that is NOT the real Ben Franklin." - Dwight (The Office)
R - reason to smile: my suggies.
S - season: spring! Means winter's over.
T - tag 3 people: I am now tagging on the honor system. The next 3 people to read this who have not already done it, YOU'RE IT!
U - unknown fact about me: I used to worry my mom because when I was 7 or 8 I was obsessed with the occult... like voodoo, seances, etc.
V - veggie I don't like: Spicey ones. Peppers, most onions and stuff.
W - worst habit: Not being organized enough. Not cleaning enough. More of a habit of OMISSION than COMMISSION, you know? I don't DO much, though, like bite nails or anything. It's just the not doing.
X - rays: Are you kidding? Between my clumsiness and medical mysteries I have literally been X-Rayed from head to toe. Though my next is on my head... on Monday.
Y - your favorite food: Italian, Chinese, or Seafood.
Z - zodiac: Aries. That's a Goat, right? Also in Chinese Zodiac, my YEAR is the goat/ram, too... trippy, eh?

In 1979 (the year you were born)

Jimmy Carter is president of the US

A major accident occurs at a nuclear reactor on Three Mile Island near Middletown, PA

An American Airlines DC-10 loses its engine and crashes seconds after takeoff, killing 275 people

Hurricane David kills over 1200 in the US and the Dominican Republic

Some 90 people, including 63 Americans, are taken hostage at the American Embassy in Tehran, Iran

The Soviet Union invades Afghanistan

ESPN starts broadcasting

Aaliyah, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Norah Jones, Heath Ledger, and Kate Hudson are born

Pittsburgh Pirates win the World Series

Pittsburgh Steelers win Superbowl XIII

Montreal Canadians win the Stanley Cup

Kramer vs. Kramer is the top grossing film

Sophie's Choice by William Styron is published

"My Sharona" by The Knack spends the most time at the top of the US charts

The Facts of Life premiers

AAAAAAAAND another blog thing...

Everything Pizza

Diverse and adaptable

You enjoy the full buffet of life

It's hard to you play favorites with friends... or flavors

There's very little that you dislike!

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  1. I finally got around to watching Groundhog Day today. Yay!

    "Phil!" "Ned!" *pow*

    Anyway, I TOTALLY hear you on the sister nonsense. I'm so lame and do that too with Becky. And I have to go...why do I compare myself to her? She is one of my best friends. That's so stupid. And dang it, I think Becky is gorgeous so why can't she find someone too?

    Mmm...Matthew McCounaghey...