Saturday, February 3, 2007

Jail Birds and Ghost Gerbils?

I am SUCH a nerd. I am up watching Birdman of Alcatraz. It is not much about Alcatraz or gangster stuff... it is basically about a guy studying birds. And I am freaking FASCINATED. Granted, this is sort of my thing, animals and such. But really... WOW. I am just such a nerd. I love learning. I even love movies about learning. Also, ironically, today I was talking with the Roomie about the fact she may be adopting a new parrot in need of a home in our "Ark." Cool! A really darling one, too. If you know the number of critters we have you might wonder why anyone would even entertain the thought of another... well, except me... but maybe McKenzie needs a friend? And she had a bird (granted, a little canary, not a parrot) DIE, so she will have the same number of birds anyway. Hee hee hee hee!

I am a very dangerous person to ask "I don't know... should I do it? Could I?" when it involves a pet. Especially when it means another animal I get to ENJOY, but the Roomie gets to Clean Up after. PERFECT arrangement! Hee hee! Well, and the bird really does need a good home, and Lark is a good bird owner. She will love her and care for her right.

Today I applied to be a photographer. Just at Wal*Mart... but still, well, it's a job possibility. I am really REALLY hanging a lot on this thing on Monday. The way I understand the procedure they inject glowing stuff into... well, I am not certain whether it's my nerve or the muscles around the nerve but it is to see the nerve location. THEN they can inject nerve blockers directly into the right spot under, like, X-ray or something. Okay, so I DON'T really understand it at all.

I know that it involves multiple needles and that scares the crap out of me.
I hope it will work a LoOoOoOong time. It can last a few weeks at least. That would be good. Longer would be better. Sometimes it doesn't work though. I am afraid THAT will happen.

HOWEVER, come hell, HEADACHE, or high-water, tomorrow I WILL go to church. It has been FAR too long, and I am setting 3 alarms PLUS having my mom call my cell till I answer and sound lucid. I need to be GOING to church. I need that spiritual boost each week. Also, I have a calling and need direction on how to do it. Also, I need to meet with the Bishop and tell him what is going on with my health and also talk to him about getting a new Temple recommend. Also, I NEED TO BE NORMAL! I need to be HAPPY! And part of that is DEFINITELY being closer to the Lord.

Other things that make me happy are:

*My little brother. He is so funny. And he is already REALLY good on the guitar. How is it that he can be good at EVERYTHING?! Anyway, yeah... picks up the thing last month or so, and now he can play a lot. He has far too many prodigious inclinations. It's spooky, dang it! Anyway, BoyKid got his Patriarchal Blessing today. And his mission is coming soon. He has his farewell talk at church on February 25th. Crazy. I am just dang proud of him.

*The gliders. I love their soft, perfect fur and cute faces. I love when they do something silly like decide a dead grasshopper is a toy instead of a snack and carry it around with them for an hour before one of the others steals it and eats it. I love that happy chirp sound they make when they are eating something DISGUSTING like a bug right by my ear. It just makes me laugh, I swear they do it in my ear on purpose, the brats. I love them. Hee hee hee!

*Fresno... but I HATE his PHONE!!!!!!! Tonight it dropped me FIVE TIMES!!!! And 3 of those times were with in the same 5 minutes. The other 2 were other random times. GRRRRR... But it is still fun to talk to him between the dropped calls and talk about how excited he is to come play next weekend! (Even though I get nervous all over again) He just keeps talking about how much he misses me and how much he likes me and right now it is hard not to ask him "But WHY?"

Anyway, now I need to go to bed for SURE because I am SEEING things. I thought I saw the gerbil, Boo, run across the floor! I jumped up and checked in her cage. Nope, Boo is safe and sound. My next thought was MOUSE, but (LUCKILY) no. Apparently, just... ghosts or something. Little ones.


  1. I like you. ;-)

    And I like your blog.

    and I like Fresno, and would like you to trust him in liking you. ;-)

    Ok like, I'm done.

    Like ok.

  2. Okay, kip, I type lots of nerve block reports. They're pretty standard -- the contrast shows up under their fluoroscopy machine exactly for the reason you said: They can find the right place to block. It fascinates me. You'll be fine and hopefully the procedure helps!!!