Saturday, February 17, 2007

Very Funny, Peter.

Rinny sent me these. I don't know if any are fake, or what ages some are, but what I do know is they look A LOT like some of MY math papers growing up. Only my teachers never thought they were funny.

Apparently, had I been born a little later in the internet age I would have been famously funny (instead of famous for owning rubber duckies.)... instead, they just sent me to "Resource"... a lot. Not because I was dumb, just because I would doodle and get bored and not focus, etc. (Aaaaand NOW they are diagnosing me ADHD. Whatever.)


I especially like the part about "aesthetically pleasing." Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!

Mali, I think Liz or April must have done this as a kid. (my friends from the old ward)

I don't understand the comment from the teacher, but this just makes me think of The Office.

Honestly, I swear this is straight from my papers. In high school. Possibly college. I had to be remedial... SHADDUP.

If I was the teacher I WOULD.

This is NOT like me. Why? Because my little math man would have hung himself SEVERAL lines ago! GEEZ! How do math-y people do that kind of stuff? Like numbers just seem... so... INTERCHANGEABLE to me. I know they AREN'T. But they SEEM that way.

Anyway, I LOVE the last kid best.

Seriously... AWESOME. Peter, whoever he is, is adorable.

BoyKid is and was VERY good at math. He passed me up in math skills by the time he was in 3rd grade or so. He just DOES numbers in his head REALLY fast and just GETS stuff. But he also does not listen if he doesn't want to. So once in kindergarten his accelerated math class was doing Lesser and Greater numbers with the symbols. Only he only listened to the fact that <> meant greater than, etc, but not what greater meant.

He KNEW what less meant... so you would think he would figure it out IN CONTEXT. But instead, each time they asked Less Than he would tell the smaller number.

Each time they asked Greater Than he would write a long explanation of why than number was BETTER. I remember he said "5 is greater than 7 because we have 5 people in our family." And that "8 is greater than 6 because 6 is when you get baptized."

Anyway, my baby bro may not have been immortalized on the internet with those gems, but his teacher did use them as an example of how smart he was if he would LISTEN, and my mom put them in a memory box somewhere.

Speaking of adorable boys, holy crap, Fresno is. Because my phone has been out of commission all day (and I got NOTHING fun... NOTHING. Just a working phone of exactly the sameness. Oh well. Working is better than broken.) till just a couple hours ago and then I listened to my messages which were all (but one) HIM and all of them cute and silly. And then he answered some survey I had sent him a long time ago(because he asks for them) and he even answered THAT cute and just silly and dumb and funny.

For instance...

9. Loved someone so much it made you cry. YES. I felt like Romeo losing my Juliet. I didn't know at the time that there are more Juliets out in this great big world.

19. Favourite fast food restaurant? Kneader's just cuz BethAnn I miss you!

23. What do you do when you are bored? I practice Zoolander faces in the mirror with an occasional "I'm so hot!" ... funny, but all the faces seem to look the same. I am getting better at it though!

Yeah. I miss him.

Aaaaaand now I should really just up and go to bed as it is, oh, 3 AM. That was DUMB of me to finish a movie (I was watching Dodgeball) GOOD NIGHT!


  1. Dude. There's an elephant in the way. *snort*

    Dodgeball. My lurve that movie. I'm sorry you were going to bed as I was getting up. ;)

  2. You know those kids are brilliant in their own way. That is seriously awesome. The imagination is great, I wish I could be that Witty. :-)

  3. The peter one is not fake btw, i know the person who did it :O