Saturday, July 21, 2007

a Wizarding Weekend

NOT accomplishing much today but dang it all, I haven't had a real vacation-y weekend in some time (or a "good pile of times." HEE HEE HEE HEE!) so except for the absolute certainties... Mount Washmore, the glider cage, etc. I am shirking all to curl up in the coolest part in the basement with Deathly Hallows, Tropicana Sugar Free Lemonade(holy cow, it blows Minute Maid's SF lemonade out of the water, taste-wise.), and, yeah, more Brazilian Cheese Rolls.

Until going to Order of the Phoenix with Squall in a little bit! (Take a little break from Harry Potter to have some Harry Potter, don't you know? Hee hee hee hee hee) In fact, I better get ready now. I have been reading most of the day and need to do my hair.


Back. And let me just say, even though me and CC watched it the other day, I really DO like that movie. NOT as good as the book... not even close... but it is still fun. They just left out SO much good stuff. BUT, I still must say my favorite things (without being a spoil monger) were:

* The cat plates on Umbridge's walls and her frightening similarity to some Relief Society presidents I have met.

Love him love him love him. Love to hate him. Love to love him. He IS Snape. He just IS.

* The Room of Requirment and the Mistletoe... like they REQUIRE kissing? hee hee hee hee! Anyway, it made me giggle.

And yes, I am a Nerd. And I don't care. And I really can't write much more right now because the BOOK... is... beckoning me... hee hee hee!


  1. Alan Rickman is the bomb. He's my favorite bad guy and you're right... he IS Snape....

    So... um.... I almost bought the first book tonight... ;)

    They are 25% off at Shopko! But I bought The Office 1 & 2 instead...

  2. I concur with the alan rickman comment. . .now I want to watch quigley down under!!!!!!!

  3. he other silly thing I LOVE Alan Rickman in is Galaxy Quest.

  4. He's really good as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood too. But, I must put my little two cents in...I thought the Order of the Phoenix movie was great...but I HATED the book. I understood how necessary it was, but dang it all, it was hard to read. So dismal. So desirable to wring Harry's neck myself...

  5. Seriously, what IS it with Alan Rickman as Snape? Preow!!

    I also get such a kick out of the cat plates. That was so trippy!