Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Restoring Peace and Alphabetical Order to the World!

My friends save me so much it is AMAZING.

I have been crying a lot this morning. I woke up from a bad dream that was a little too realistic, crying. I got ready for work, crying. Too many things in my brain... things about jobs and plans and Fresno and myself and my health and everything else. I decided, actually, that I was crying TOO much... that I was too out of it to even talk to people to day, much less go into work. I hd the feeling if I called or went in I might quit. Not mean it, but quit. And that's if I called RINNY. If Fresno called... you get the idea. It was just NOT a positive day.

Mom called, instead, and I started bawling again. I told her I had no plans to go in to work at all, I was only loosely on the schedule and could not face people today. She asked if I would still go to water aerobics with her. I said no.

Then I called back and said yes.

Then she came and I didn't answer the door.
(yes, very stable. *rolls eyes*)

She came in, thinking I had fallen back asleep... so I sort of pretended I had. We talked, then she talked me into going, somehow, to the pool. We talked more and I cried in the pool which is always embarrassing in front of people. Hopefully they just thought I had allergies or something.

Anyway, I was feeling better... not BETTER, but better, and so when we got back I went into work but with the stipulation I would just stay a little while and just help fix some of our *horribly* unorganized files and prep for tomorrow's Animal Adventures with Dora and Diego. So I did.

It actually DID help me feel better. Organizing sort of does that. Not cleaning or organizing my OWN stuff... but, you know, like files... books... ALPHABETIZING and sorting? It is kind of therapeutic. Just putting things in order. Things that HAVE a certain order, unlike the weirdness and confusion of my own life. SIGH.
(by the way, just for fun...
apparently Because can't do this you yourself?)

So, yeah. Work was okay. But AFTER work was WAY better. Because CC called and said to come play with her and Cupcake at Ikea! WOOHOO! FINALLY I go. It opened in MAY! Anyway it was Back to School College night and they were giving away free stuff if you had your student ID. I didn't think I had mine, but randomly, I DID!

We got little tool kit key chains and little envelopes with gift cards. When I opened mine I was AMAZED to find a $25 gift card!!! But when CC opened HERS... BUY ONE GET ONE FREE HOT DOG!!!! How sucky is that?! But it gets even worse/better than that. Cupcake, who didn't even want to come that badly opened hers to find a HUNDRED DOLLAR GIFT CARD!!!! It was SO unfair! But so funny. Bus so fun... and sad... and hilarious... and tragic. AWESOME. (You guys, thank you SO much for inviting me. I REALLY needed that.)

We shopped and looked and it was just fun! I spent all of my card plus on just silliness, but very GOOD silliness and I am happy with it all (oh except when I got the cute frog prince cube thing I accidentally only got the OUTSIDE not the inside! My poor gutted frog! I need to go back to Ikea, I guess. It cost half as much as on the site... but doesn't mean I should GET half as much of the THING, should I? SIGH.

Dang it. Oh well. I will be back anyway... I plan to buy an office chair eventually.

Anyway, so that is how throwing away outdated lesson plans and ripped samples, friends, and shopping restored a little bit of sanity to my life today. Probably temporary. But better than nothing.


  1. AW!! Sad day! :o( We should go back. I am going to clean my room and then figure out what I can *use* to get and KEEP myself organized. I'm very glad that shopping was therapeutic and that you are feeling better!

  2. hee hee... poor frog!! We will have to remedy that!!