Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"It felt like an LSD trip... from the Lord!" - Arthur "Killer" Kane

Today was a, appropriately enough, a Harry Potter themed day camp called Owls, Spells, and Potions. It was fun (we made wands, dissected owl pellets, sucked eggs into bottles... stuff like that.) but everything went wrong with scheduling and the setting up (which can be blamed Rerun... and my sister's inability as a BOSS to actually tell certain people what to do (though *I* am not one of those people. *rolls eyes*) and I ended up wanting to pull my hair out and cry.

I am REALLY glad today is OVER.

However, I am a little jealous of my parents today. While I was TEACHING Harry Potter they were in Salt Lake watching it! As if they are even that big of fans... but they liked it. Their friends invited them and they went. My PARENTS are seeing Harry Potter before me.

When I got home I (finally) watched New York Doll. Can I just say FUNNY, SAD, FASCINATING?! It is good. I may BUY it when I have money. And for me to say that about a documentary is big.


  1. I've watched NYDoll. Part of it. It *was* good.

  2. I've heard that movie is good...and I like documentaries. If you get it, I wanna see!