Monday, July 9, 2007

"He's Pixelated!"

Today I woke up to find my head in agony and my neck was almost immobile. Since I was just in the office and not on a day camp I ended up calling in [dead] to work... and calling in for an appointment with the physical therapist. And it was a very long and painful visit. Apparently I REALLY needed it but it sure HURT and I left with pages of new exercises to do. SIGH.

Other than the horrid state of my neck and head, I decided to use this day to get some things done. Cleaning cages, doing laundry, some extra house stuff... that kind of thing. I also am watching a couple movies that need to go back to the library.

It's funny because what I am watching is Mr. Deeds Goes to Town. I wanted to rent it because I actually kind of LIKED the remake, Mr. Deeds, with Adam Sandler, despite strong possibilities to the contrary. It was funny and cute. But what is TOTALLY surprising me is how CLOSE it turns out it was to the original! I had no idea. I am liking it very much, by the way. Old movies rock, ESPECIALLY ones with people like Gary Cooper.

Although, they BOTH remind me of the extremely BETTER Hudsucker Proxy.... one of my favorite movies EVER. The Coen. Brothers. are. GENIUSES.

"You know, for kids!"

Just fyi, Mr. Deeds (the original) is where the term Doodling came from. I think that's pretty significant, eh?

Yes, my blog is educational! hee hee hee!

Later now. I just had a Creamcicle-like thing! Luckily it's a semi-okay one. AND I also exercised today. So I don't feel too guilty. Hee hee! Not that I am HEALTHY or anything but today wasn't too bad, goal-wise anyway.

Talked again to Fresno about Transformers and He-Man and stuff. We spend WAY too much time in the 80s.
OH, but clearly I can NOT marry Fresno. SO HILARIOUS. (Thanks, Sherpa... or, you know, originally, TIME.)


  1. No offense to Fresno but I think you are WAY cuter than he is.

    And no, I don't swing that way.

  2. Oh gosh.... to the article. I really on't know what to think of it.

  3. i'm in an interfacial interracial marriage. *sniff*

  4. Stewie, my relationship is Interfacial...

    and interSPACIAL.

  5. don't you mean interstatial??