Sunday, July 29, 2007

My name is not MaryBeth.

Guess what? I went to ALL THREE MEETINGS today at Church today. Ta-dah! It was some good lessons and talks, too. Good enough, I suppose, that I finally decided to transfer my records to the ward I have been attending regularly. I gave the Bishop my papers, he read them and immediately called me MaryBeth. Grand. Oh well. Doesn't make the church less true, right? Hee hee hee!

Anyway, it was good to be at church the whole time. I had to take a "break" however and go and sit awhile in a dark classroom to get my headache to calm down (and walk the wiggles out of my legs getting there) but basically I was there the whole time, which is progress. It is frustrating because I feel like with all the crap in my life and the lives of my friends the thing I need very MOST is help from the Lord. And yet, here I am not even living up to His standards completely so, in essence I am saying "you do you part... maybe I'll do mine... MAYBE." And that isn't good. I have GOT to live up to those blessings. I need them. My friends need them. My family needs them. Going it alone in this life does NOT work.

Anyway, I AM working on it.

But besides my SLOOOW road to doing ALL I know I should be doing anyway, well, I am trying to stay positive about tomorrow... and go to bed...

As I will be having, basically, a 12 hour day. Bleh. So this is short, but good night.


  1. I have that poster!!... somewhere...

    anyway, I'm glad you went. I think it will help with today!!

  2. Huh..I have a 1st Cousin named MaryBeth who is about your age, and lives around where you do.