Saturday, July 7, 2007

Random thoughts all weekend

I want the hot to GO AWAY NOW. Come on, seriously. It is WINDY out there, but it is, like HOT wind even.

Still, at least I'm not with Fresno. He's had a VERY bad week and has been really bummed at work... and the temperature at his house today was ONE HUNDRED AND NINE DEGREES. Actually, although I pretended to pitty him the most and made a big deal out of how bad I feel for him, I REALLY wanted to cry for his DOGS. The poor fuzzbutts are OUTSIDE in FUR COATS!!! I mean, yes, they have the garage as a dog house and they always have water and he leaves on a mister for them in the yard, but STILL those ginormous puppies don't have AC after all.

The poor babies. They need to be house-trained, groomed, and become, at least sometimes, inside dogs in my opinion. But that's just my opinion and unless we end up together (me and Fresno) and those babies end up half mine, I am going to just keep those to myself. Poor things. It must be so miserable for them.

ACTUALLY, what they need is too move to a COOLER state... preferably one where gliders are legal, too? Just to make things simpler. Hee hee hee!

So in case you couldn't guess, I have just spent the last 2 hours being a giggly girl on the phone with Fresno. We haven't talked for more than 5 minutes here and there for days so it was good. Not that wae always talk happy or easy. There is a fair amount of silly flirty stuff. But there is also hard stuff. We talk about me and my medical stuff. (And Stewie, your letter, btw). Because, well, he asks about it... like... details. Which are fairly awkward even when described vaguely, you know? However, we also talked a TON about Transformers (how much he loved it, how much I think I WILL love it) and the dogs. SIGH. I just *so* like him.
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It is later now. I am happier to say it seems like it MAY even storm after all! I hope so! I would LOVE some rain to cool things down. (Though not lightning. This state has had more than our share of wildfires this summer already. All the poor little kiddlets at camp with asthma are having a terrible time with the smoky air.) PLEEEEEEEEASE rain!

I want cool, clean rain. And pancakes. Not together.

I just ALSO happen to want pancakes.
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Guess what, though? Tomorrow I am headed up north for my Uncle Bob and Aunt Maralyn speaking in church to welcome them home from an LDS mission in Romania. This is their SECOND mission. Years ago, Uncle Bob was the mission president of Lithuania. But yeah, this time they have been in Romania.

It is my dad's side. Some of Padre's family is awesome. Most are NUTS. (same goes for Mom's side. But oddly, they seem crazy in for different reasons.)

Все счастливые семьи похожи друг на друга, каждая несчастливая семья несчастлива по-своему

(Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.)

-Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

But, no matter what, it will be FUNNY. Family things are AAARGH. Hilarious.
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I will write more about that, well AFTER! Because for now I should go to BED!

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  1. Hope the letter went over well. The heat is horrendous. GAH.