Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My I Have a Dream Speech would REALLY suck...

The tooth fairy teaches children that they can sell body parts for money.
- David Richerby

Last night I dreamed the Roomie and I actually ADOPTED Mini-Roomie. And we were a COUPLE. And we were Lesbians. Also, there was a talking plant in our living room that wanted to EAT Mini-Roomie.

And last night my mom dreamed Padre had KIDNAPPED a child of one of his renters to hold as ransom till they paid their rent.

At least I come by my insanity honestly. GEEZ.


  1. HA HA HA HA. We know that would never happen, but still. . .HILARIOUS!

  2. We know that WHICH would never happen? That we'd be lezzies? That Padre would abduct a kid for rent? that a plant would talk? or that my speech would suck? Because really, MY DAMN PSYCHEE IS SO SCREWED UP! But so is mom's. hee hee hee hee!

  3. Tee hee hee...

    oh my.

    You lesbo.

  4. hahahahahaa ... i've had dreams i was a lesbian, too. obviously i'm not ... *glances at Mr. Hot Stuff in the bed* ahem.

  5. the lezzie thing. . .I wouldn't put it past your dad to kidnap someone's kiddlet for rent! ;)