Saturday, July 28, 2007

Got the Blues?

I am feeling a little better today than yesterday. That's, well, improvement. I am still inexplicably crampy and cry at the drop of a hat... but not so many hats are dropped when I don't have work, I suppose. To think, I almost got trapped into working a Birthday Party today. Good thing I decided I am NOT doing those anymore because I was asked when I WASN'T in such a horrible mood and thus almost said yes. (see kids, that is why you decide to "just say no" long before the situation arises! Be it drugs, sex... or birthday parties...)

The Roomie and I babysat one of her nieces this weekend. Because we can't legally have the Mini-Roomie yet, but her sister who is fostering her is so stressed out, she has been randomly taking one of her OWN kids at a time. We had Miss Corduroy staying for about a week, today we had Tinkerbelle, I *think* she is still upstairs in The Roomie's other room (we each have 2. My other is the sugar babies' room. Her's she uses for when she does respite care with J, a guest room, and, if she gets approval, the Mini-Roomie. For now it is the "Random Child in Our Care" room.) because I didn't hear her parents come get her.

Tinkerbelle LOVED all the animals, though. She sang to the Parrots... made Buddy sing and McKenzie dance... and played with Boo and Tortuga, who love attention. But she never did get to see the gliders since they were not to keen to wake up when she came in and their grumpy crabbing scared her. Finally, before her bed time, I went in with her and chewed out Nani (the only one actually crabbing... she's such a brat!) and let her pet Lilo and feed her a Yoggies which both Tinkerbelle and Lilo REALLY enjoyed. It was so cute.

I love my babies!

However, they are certainly a handful. Especially when I am spacey.

I had a very bad headache around 6 and decided I could lay down just a LITTLE. Set my FlyLady timer for 20 minutes. I slept through it (I don't know how. It sounds like a fire alarm) and woke up from a very vivid dream to find it was almost midnight. Now, naps are ALWAYS against the rules for insomnia. But naps that close to bed are TERRIBLE. So, yes, it is now 2 am and I am super awake. ANYWAY, also during that time, I just realized a few minutes ago, I had left the cage open. I was chatting with CC and heard Lilo barking at me to come play with her. I wasn't GOING to... I had meant to just feed them and go to bed... but when I went in the room I realized she wasn't barking from inside the cage. The door to the room was open, so I am very grateful they like their room so much (or were just too lazy to go further) that they hadn't left the glider room, but I had a heck of a time convincing Nani back into the cage. Lilo came to me first for some cuddles and went right in after letting her wrestle my fingers a bit. Heber was finally convinced to dash in for some food. But Epiphany had to be CAUGHT.

(Oh, so, yeah, CC, that's where I went. Sorry for not saying something. I really thought I'd be right back.)

Speaking of FlyLady (yes I did. The TIMER.), I DID do some productive stuff today. I cleaned my room rather well. I "released" a bag full of clothes I don't wear that are now ready to DI. And I made a dent in the cleaning of my bathroom. (by the way, something we learned from Tinkerbelle today. You know those tablets that turn your water blue every time you flush to keep them clean? They really freak 3 year olds out. She didn't want to use the potty because "somebody already blued in there!" and kept flushing it. It was hilarious.''

Kids really are randomly cool. When I don't hate them.

Yes, I am a little afraid to be a mom someday. My fickleness towards children scares me. Mom and I were talking about that yesterday. Just your basic reminder that "Someday, though, you DO want NON-furry kids too, though... right?" To which I said "this has been a very bad day at day camp, therefore I would not recommend asking that right now. Do you want pictures of my gliders for your wallet."

Because, strangley, I *always* like my sugar babies.

No, that isn't true. Once I didn't. It wasn't their fault. They are just doing what they do... they are Animals. And Epiphany is a beautiful animal... but a very sucky mother. But when Nani killed Diego, her first baby and I saw it. I tried to love them, but I couldn't. It took a long time before I could do more than just feed them. I had so many nightmares. It was just... awful. I got Heber fixed after that. I never wanted to deal with that again. Plicethenese was an after neuter surprise, but yeah. My little glider colony and I are NOT cut out to be breeders!

And, as Ames is one of the main people who has got me through ever glider crisis I have faced, now is as good a time for any for an update. Unfortunately, there is nothing much new to say. I haven't heard anything since Pioneer Day. It looks like they may be putting Dave in a nursing home because his body is getting healthier (but he is still, mentally, unresponsive), and the hospital costs too much. Please continue to keep my friend and her hubby in your prayers.

Or, if you have, like, extra money laying around, then hey, that would be cool, too.

I will probably write more tomorrow (I mean, you know, chances are. I WRITE ALATIME!) but I should TRIE to go to bed though I think it's pointless. It is, at least, COOLER in my room.

And I mean temperature. I am sweating my head off. Though my room IS pretty "cool" at that! Hee hee hee!

p.s. Not flattering, but accurate....

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  1. Meh. I needed my sleep anyway... I was starting to drift. So it's all good!

    I think that when they time comes, you will be fine with non-furry babies... because adopted or "natural," they will be YOURS and that makes a difference. :)

  2. I still hate other people's kids even though I have my own. So that's no indicator. :)