Saturday, July 21, 2007

How big of a dork am I?


For the record I didn't wear the hat or wig IN the store. Just the car. But yeah, I had decided I wasn't going to do the crazy crowds thing. Then I decided I couldn't wait. But I didn't want to wait in a line with bookstore people... I am okay with being a nerd but not ALONE. Yeah. So I thought, okay, just go to WalMart. They should have a ton of books and so less crazy lines. I was wrong.

They had lines. HUGE lines. I was in one a long time before finding out I didn't have a wristband and that I would not be IN that line, etc. It would be, like, 3 hours before I got a book if I did.

Then I had a stroke of genius... went to Smiths. Yes, the grocery store. MUCH shorter line, chatting with the people in the line (most of which had RESERVED books at Borders but had given up when their wristbands were not enough and they started calling NUMBERS on the wristbands.), decent prices ($20 or so with a Fresh Values card), and most importantly... SUCCESS!

Now. Don't bother me. I'm reading.


  1. haha... NERD.

    So Zach and I were in Barnes & Noble in Gateway because... yeah... totally forgot about Harry Potter.

    We're designers though... we pretty much forget about everything else but THOSE books in a bookstore.

  2. Ha Ha Ha. Good thinking. I still love the wig and hat they are cute on you.

  3. hehehe ... I ordered mine online. they sent me an email yesterday saying it had shipped. Then they sent me another email saying "we sent you the wrong tracking code in your email. the correct one is on the website."

    Guess what? They're the same. And they don't work.

    I'm going out to the mailbox to see if it's there yet. And if it is ... Well then. See you next week.