Tuesday, July 24, 2007

When I grow up... PART DEAUX!

Oddly, that last entry wasn't finished. I didn't mean to publish it yet. Then I saw on gmail there were comments. Oh well. One of the sentences left out of the INJF stuff when I was writing the other post.
The INFJ is a special individual who needs more out of a career than a job. They need to feel as if everything they do in their lives is in sync with their strong value systems - with what they believe to be right. Accordingly, the INFJ should choose a career in which they're able to live their daily lives in accordance with their deeply-held principles, and which supports them in their life quest to be doing something meaningful.

Unfortunately, eerily true. SIGH. SO, here are my "options" as I see them. I am sure there are others. But I don't know them.

Children's Librarian
I have always wanted to be a librarian!
I love books.
They make good money and usually have very good benefits since they are government jobs.
School. Lots and LOTS of school.
I'd have to go back to school, probably just UVSC and get my Bachelors... PROBABLY in English Education. Then I would have to go somewhere else (but maybe mostly online) and get my Masters in Library Science. That is a long time... a lot of school (and school is more than a little hard for me lately)... and thus a lot of money, too. A very good, very grown up job... but a long ways away. Maybe too hard for me to actually achieve. :O(

ASL interpreter
I like American Sign Language. I like the language, I like Deaf Culture.
There is definitely a demand and they make good money.
I could still be IN education, as that is the field I would choose to terp for.
I don't really know how good I am at the actual signing. I am not sure.
School. Stress. BAD STUFF. This is what I was working on when I started the headaches and stuff. BLEH.
Get my certificate. I am thinking I will DO that by getting the Bachelor's in Deaf Studies at UVSC. Because I want a Bachelor's anyway and that is a way to at least get trained. However, knowing how much I sucked before I will also need to hire a tutor (I am thinking Thai) and practice a TON. But will it be enough?

Preschool Teacher
Little Kids are HILARIOUS.
I can make up so many age-appropriate activities after THIS job it would make your head spin.
Most don't even require further schooling.
I am beginning to wonder if I LIKE children anymore. And that whole Patience thing again.
I have the immune system of a petri dish.
Kind of the same with my job at present... hard work, not a lot of money, not a lot of benefits, either.
Rework my resume, and apply. MAYBE, though, I would try to get my bachelor's anyway. Just BECAUSE.

English Teacher
I am part-way done. It WAS what I was doing before sort of melting down and quitting school at SUU.
I love books and kids.
My worst AND best teachers were English Teachers. They helped me realize I love to write and read. I think the kind of teachers you have in junior high can LITERALLY make or break the rest of your life. It is a pretty awesome thing to be, in my opinion.
I don't know what happened to me. I used to have more patience. I dunno. I am not as good with kids as I used to be. And stress... it's a stressful job and stress and I are NOT friends at present.
Long days that start EARLY for little money.
Bachelor's. Teacher's certificate.... student teaching... all that stuff... *SIGH.*

Because it would be the coolest thing in the world to be PAID to do what I ACTUALLY enjoy
You need to be LUCKY. REALLY LUCKY. I am not.
Until you BECOME lucky you have no money. That is not quite the path to independence we are shooting for, I suppose.
Ummm... become a bit of a hermit and draw and write all the time and have CC help me make it into a portfolio?

Social Worker
I like to help people, and, unlike working in a day care where I WANTED to fix things but couldn't that would BE my job.
If I am honest with myself I do not think I am actually stable ebnough for that. I don't think I could BE the kind of person that could leave their work at work. I think I might cry all the time for the kids I wanted to help but couldn't. And, if volunteering at the United Way Crisis Nursery was any indication I might end up kidnapping someone and stuff. Bad idea.
Go back to school... a lot of it, maybe, in a totally different direction than I have before. And get a hell of a lot of therapy, probably.

Animal Rehab or Vet Technician
It would be AWESOME to be PAID for taking care of critters that I have been taking care of semi-legally with The Roomie, anyway.
I love animals!
I would have interesting... resources.
Not just school in a TOTALLY different direction, but science and math and things I am not so great with.
If I ever had to, like, HURT an animal... I mean if I had to put one to sleep it would probably kill me, but even giving shots, I probably would bawl. Not so professional.
One of those college things they have on TV, I suppose... Utah Career College, SLCC, University of Phoenix, all of those it seems have ads about becoming a Veterinary Assistant.

Tech Support... somewhere... I s'pose.
get all certified and stuff. SIGH.
There are a lot of available jobs.
Most seem to have good Benefits.
They pay a heck of a lot more than my CURRENT job at least.
I've done it before. Not upper level, but with MyFamily.com and such. So at least I know I can kind of do it?
The job ITSLEF is okay but the actual position TOTALLY varies. And some are awful. And even the best, well, they are a JOB... but yeah.
I don't know if I want to go back to that sort of thing.
I am thinking if I DID decide to do it, I want to be higher up than that. So I think I would do the career school thing again... and get, like certified? Maybe? I don't know if I can really do that. Stupid idea.

The other things I am contemplating, even a little, are:
Photographer... like for real. I don't know HOW, it would just ROCK.
Medical Record thingies... like Stewie. It sounds, actually, like I might hate it. BUT that I would make good enough money and it would fit really well in my life, like in terms of sometimes being sick at home and such.
Nanny... but, not for that Amway lady. She was a wacko. And not a live-in some random place back east. Because I'm not 20. And have gliders.
Random Craft... er... person... with CC. We have ideas. Like Coffee Potpourri and poetry and stuff. Maybe If I would just follow THROUGH with something rather than being all Bi-Polar about it, yeah. BLEH.

So... What do I tell my counselor person I want to do? MY FATE IS IN YOUR HANDS!!!!*

*Except that I may not really do what you say. You know, cuz I'm stubborn like that. Hee hee hee hee!

Oh PLUS, not that this really has any bearing (HA! BEARing!) on what I say at Voc Rehab but with the boy situation... I don't know. I mean, I may... MAY... even move to California eventually (or at least temporarily this Winter... if I dare and things seem right to do so). So, how does, like girlfriend or even maybe eventually wife, fit into all this crap? WHERE do I have these jobs? Where do I study for them? And when? Etcetera. And if I start including HIM in my plans, will I end up getting my heart crushed?


  1. I like your pro/con lists...very Rory like. Anyways, I really do, maybe that's what I need to do with my life! UGH!

  2. So... just pick one. Most people don't even end up doing something completely related to their degrees anyway. You don't have to have your entire future mapped out before you can choose a path. Figure out which path sounds like it has the most interesting possibilities... start in the direction and see where it takes you.

    I'm leaning towards the librarian or social worker still. Mostly because if you get all you education for either of those, several other possibilities on your list open up anyway.

    Example: My baby brother is trying to get a job teaching drama. He's been offered several math and english teaching jobs. He didn't study either of those in college (beyond basic requirements and whatnot).

    Another idea is to find a lower level job that relates to one of your higher aspirations and make THEM pay for your degree. Several companies that I've worked for have had awesome tuition reimbursement programs.

  3. You could do freelance photography for the Church... I have the contacts.

  4. All good suggestions; totally agree. UVSC has a good photography program too, if you want to try that angle. I understand what you mean about patience with kids...

    You will find your niche.