Wednesday, July 4, 2007


...meaning Follow Up. ;O) hee hee!

So things DID cheer up, at least a little bit. To start with, just before I left this ...

young dude showed up! Mom grimaced when she saw him and said "I swear if he dies in our yard I am calling Get Gephardt!" But he seems okay so FAR. I am calling the little buck "Alpo" because his antlers looks like fuzzy chew bones.

Then I went home and hung out with the Roomie. We stole a WiFi point and looked online at animals we wish we could have if we were "extremely wealthy, eccentric, stay-at-home Pet Moms" Kinkajous... Rosella Parrots... Hedgehogs... Mudpuppies... etc.

Later our service actually came back. We also worked with the birds and let them watch their favorite Celebirdy, Victor. But The Roomie was listing all the words victor knew and was saying them in alphabetical and then said, "Oh there are about 30 f-words..." and I cracked up. She meant he knew 30 words beginging with F and I knew that but it still made me laugh and she got all flustered and said "Oh... yeah, I mean... well, you know. I wonder if he knows THAT one. Oh, nope. Good boy. Fuss. That's the only one that says F-U."
I lost it again. We were having way too much fun. hee hee hee hee! I love my roommate!

After she took the puppies to bed, (Trinket is, like TERRIFIED right now. She HATES the fireworks and is stiff and frightened all the time, poor thing.) I decided that even though I was not feeling so great I wanted to at least see SOME fireworks. So I snuck out and watched a few on our street.
It was kinda fun. But mostly, standing on the corner away from the group of neighbors I didn't really know, just made me feel lonelier. It made me miss Fresno, too, and mad at myself that I am not better at expressing how I feel... about him... to him. (Mom and I discussed that today. SIGH)

Anyhow, Happy 4th of July!

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