Saturday, September 23, 2006

What a Doll

So, BestSariah inspired me. And I went and made me a doll of me. I am so much cuter as a doll! But also, I picked the background because I felt like giving people seizures.... but unfortunately when you SAVE the picture it no longer spasmodically flashes so delightfully epileptic!!! Bummer.

Hey, do me a favor... blink really fast when you look at me...


  1. wait... where do I make a doll????? that is so cute! hee hee...

    and the blinking WORKS!

  2. There's a way to post it with the sparklies. Go back and hit (JS I think) and it gives you code to post in your blog. But I couldn't get mine to work. She totally looks like you though. Isn't this fun!

  3. oh, I found it (the dollmaker)! and made it! and posted it in my blog!

    and you mean Ashby, Amythyst AND Athena (Janessa's pick) can play together... Triple A! hee hee

  4. I LOVE your doll. It is a very accurate representation of you. No offense to the other women who made one, but this one has to be my favorite.

  5. She's right...the blinking does work...I think I was on the floor for about a minute...