Thursday, September 7, 2006

Trade in all that Ails ya!

Long day.

I am tired of feeling dead tired everyday. But I *didn't* sleep through my alarm this morning. That's good. That's progress!

School was interesting... and frustrating. Basically I have 2 choices.
1. Quit or "delay" going back to school even though I am afraid THIS is my time.
2. Hire a Tutor to somehow get me skilled enough to continue.

The problem is I don't really know what I want to do... or, more importantly, what I want to BE.

Tonight was my sister's big work party. A Luau at the gardens (I should put up pictures... I took a ton) at Thanksgiving Point. It is so pretty there. The funny thing is Rinny basically came to get us in, stayed for about 5 minuets before she had to go to rehersals for Superman. (She is in an old MUSICAL of Superman! How weird is that?!) But yeah, the problem is I started feeling REALLY sick while there and ended up making the family leave early. Probably partially blood sugar... but I think I have a stomach flu of something. I am going to bed early tonight, maybe I will sleep. Feeling pretty crappy.

But the Gardens are totally cool. I need to go back before they close for the season to see the whole thing. In the next couple of weeks they will be letting you tour the whole place on Segways. They had them there to try. My dad kept getting back in line. *rolls eyes* Dork. But it was funny.

I applied to 5 more or so stupid telemarketer-ish jobs today. I need money. I need to pay my bills that the parent's aren't covering and pay them back for the ones they are. I hate the way I feel, I want to be independant... and it just sort of combines with all the other crap and my brain can't seperate stuff and therefore I just cry.

A lot.

About everything.

In addition, I am going to a Psychologist again soon... who thinks I may have ADHD, too... which is probably true as they sort of already told me that when I was little, but we just sort of DEALT with it. (Well, and I had to go to the school shrink every Tuesday in elementary school) But yeah, it is a good thing... sort of. But I am feeling like I have a few too many Diagnosies in my life and would like to REMOVE a few before adding more, you know? Maybe trade in Diabetes? Yeah.

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