Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hallelujah for Hydrocowhatever

I just realized something WONDERFUL!

For the first time in the past 19 hours... I DON'T HAVE A MIGRAINE! Today I have cold packed my neck, drank gallons of water, lay down in a dark room, downed Tylenol, Excedrin, and blood sugar meds... NOTHING. Finally Ta-Da! Loritab did the trick! Being a druggie works for me tonight (AT LAST!).

It's about dang time. I didn't even go to water aerobics. :O( BLEH. I wanted to. But I just felt so yucky sick I didn't do much of ANYTHING today (except try to be all FlyBaby and go through some papers and also do my homework. Meh. I am still not exactly excelling... but I am going to try my best. Pretty sure my hands are going to fall off from advanced Carpal Tunnel. My hands and arms are KILLING ME! They randomly cramp all day in class and after. Plus my stupid double-jointed fingers keep randomly LOCKING. Looks like I am going to need to get my HANDS in shape to do this major as well.

My legs are wincing at the idea of even walking around campus tomorrow... my body wishes it were cuter as it walks past all the dancers in the hall from the Language Arts building... and my my fingers are trying to rebel, too. Dumb fingers... don't they know I need them for this major? This career path? Anyway, I don't have a headache. So I am just going to be happy for right now (and pretend I DON'T have to wake up early and trudge to class half-asleep). Headache Free... and watching *M*A*S*H* for a bit longer before feeding the babies and turning in (or at least lay in bed awake, if the meds don't cut it. Insomnia sucks.).

I've been feeling kind of girly lately. When I sleep, rare though that is, I keep dreaming about boys and love. TexasBoy mostly, but Magical Trevor as well... and once... ummm... Lex Luther. It is rather pissing me off to be honest. When I really like a boy he either doesn't like me back, has more issues than I do, or, well, doesn't actually exist. Stupid boys.

And speaking of Men (bad transition, I know), randomly if you are looking for Lilo and Stitch pictures, you may find about 50% of them are a Drag Queen dude named Lilo. Go figure. Say goodnight, Gracie.

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