Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Girthy Girl on the Move... on the MOVE

Combining my Blogs... PHASE 2...
Girthy Girl on the Move (moving my Weight Loss/Health Blog here)

Starting Line

Every story has to have a Once Upon a Time... every race, a starting line. So this is mine.

Ready, set, GO!

Age: 27
Height: 5 feet 3 and a half inches (we'll call it 5'4")
Weight today: 225.6
BMI: 39.9
Diabetes: Glucophage/Metformin, Glucotrol/Glipazide
Depression: Celexa/Citrolopram
Cholesterol: Vytorin (sucks because it means I can't drink Black Cherry Fresca anymore and I LOVE that stuff!!!)
Muscle Spasms: Quinine
Insomnia: Ambien, Tylenol PM
Exercise Program: Water Aerobics(3+ days/week at Wellness Center), Talk-Walking(4 days/week in neighborhood)
Weaknesses: Popcorn, Depression, Chocolate, Laziness, Healing from Surgery, Internet Addiction

The Big Picture:
To be healthy. Not counting on THIN, just healthier. Ideally, 150 lbs. even though BMI says 130. The ability to breath normal when I run upstairs for the phone. To feel better about myself and lessen dose of Celexa. To control my diabetes without, or with significantly less, medications. To wear a cute shirt from a web comic and not pay 2 bucks extra for a bigger size, just to have it too snug after all. To sleep from around midnight till 7, rather than from 5 am till 3 pm. To not cringe when I see a picture of myself.

Goals (SMART ones! Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) Leading to the Big Picture :
Short Term:
1. Get a pill organizer and take meds on time.
2. Add fiber powder to most foods.
3. Work out Carb Allowance with Dietition.
4. Replace or mend swimsuit for water aerobics.
Many MANY more to come...
Longer Term:
1. Lose 75 lbs by next April
2. To have blood glucose levels in the normal range more days than it is not
More to come here as well.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Day in Park City

Family mini-vacations are good for SOMETHING. While I did eat out (Chicken Nugget kids meal at Wendy's), the shopping, sight seeing, etc. logged me 4,900 steps on my pedometer! YAY ME!

However, it wasn't all rosy. While my slender-ish sybs went to Old Navy and such I went to Dress Barn, because they DO have clothes in my size...

Or rather, USED to. I tried on a rather cute skirt that was size 24 (Yay!) and it didn't even CLOSE to fit (BLEH.). I have plenty of pants that are 24 and roomie. So I am sure the cut had something to do with it. But still a major bummer.

I hate my Guts

BLEH. NOT feeling good at all and it's probably my own fault. Yesterday (Friday) was prettty good. I was careful with carbs and took 3,950 steps. But today I went to 2 parties. A bridal shower and a movie party and ate treats at BOTH. I just got home and am not feeling good. I think I may be sick for another reason as well, but my blood sugar is probably not helping. 355. GRAND. Stupid choices made tonight. Stupid.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Quizzes of Little Consequence

Your Body Image is 56% Unhealthy, 44% Healthy

You may think you have a normal body image, but you definitely don't.
While you may not have a serious problem, you obsess over your looks way too much.

The problem with this quiz is they don't know HOW overweight I am.

You May Be a Bit Borderline...

Your mood swings make a roller coaster look tame!
When you're up, you're a little bit crazy...
And when you're down, your whole world is crashing
Scary thing is, these moods can change by the minute!

Hmmm... well, it was discussed, yes.

You Will Die at Age 76

You're pretty average when it comes to how you live...
And how you'll die as well.

You Have Low Self Esteem 68% of the Time

You tend to blame yourself when things go wrong, regardless of whether it's your fault or not.
You're anxious to please others and rely too much on their opinions. Learn to please yourself first, and your confidence will soar.

What Your Sleeping Position Says

You are secretly sensitive, but you often put up a front.
Shy and private, you yearn for security.
You take relationships slowly.
You need lots of reassurances before you can trust.
What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?

You Should Weigh 151

If you weigh less than this, you either have a fast metabolism or are about to gain weight.
If you weigh more than this, you may be losing a few pounds soon!


I REALLY REALLY wish I was joking... but instead I am BAWLING

Today was a bad one, health-wise. I've seen 3 different doctors in the past 2 days.

Basically, it went like this...

Me: Well, I am still having stomach issues and pain
Like a Surgeon: Hmmm... that's weird.
Me: Weird?
Like a Surgeon: Yeah, weird. Take these meds. Have a Nice Day!

ER Molestor Lady: Relax
Me: This is me relaxed.
ER Molestor Lady: Relax, Damn it!
Me: I CAN'T.
ER Molestor Lady: I bearly touched you.
Me: I'll have to take your word for it.
ER Molestor Lady: You have a yeast infection... and a UTI... and a tiny vagina. You are the biggest virgin I have ever seen. You need to put things in there with KY Jelly and stretch it.
Me: *#T$@#)%@$% LIKE WHAT? a Dildo?!
My MOTHER: Pop bottles? Different Vegitables. Zuchinni! Baby zuchinni.
Me: o_O (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!)
My MOTHER: But do not let anything get stuck. Because that would be hard to explain to the ER.
ER Molestor Lady: Take these pills. Get stretched. You are a big whiney baby and I hardly touched you.

Me: I don't sleep anymore.
Annoyed General Practitioner: [scribble scribble]
Me: I need to have a job and go to school.
Annoyed General Practitioner: [scribble scribble]
Me: I don't drink caffiene.
Annoyed General Practitioner: [scribble scribble]
I don't nap.
Annoyed General Practitioner: [scribble scribble]
Please help me.
Annoyed General Practitioner: [scribble scribble]
Me: Also, I am still having stomach issues and pain. Is that weird?
Annoyed General Practitioner: [scribble scribble]
I don't keep a TV in my room
Annoyed General Practitioner: [scribble scribble]
PLEASE HELP ME! Please? I am really really tired.
Annoyed General Practitioner: Take these meds. Go to psycho therapy. Take more meds. It's not weird. Can take 6 months to a year.
Me: A year?
Annoyed General Practitioner: Have a Nice Day!

I did go to water aerobics... then almost blacked out in the locker room.

I did walk (1,077 steps)... but ended up crying from pain and making the dogs go home early (I am tending Trinket and Shasta this week).

I was depressed and therefore ate Panda Express with my family... checked my sugar a few minuets ago and I am at 400.

Okay because I am SEVERLY needing positives...

* Maybe these new meds will help!

* SUPPORT is a huge part of succsessfully losing weight (and I don't mean bras). 4 of us have decided to join together in a little Blog Party of sorts called Losing It! We are all contributing to it. Unfortunatley because THIS is beta and that one's not they are not CONNECTED... but they are. So yeah, Losing It (in a good way).

* Aaaaaaaaannndd.... Good night.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Egg Fu Jungian Theory

I made a really good, and rather low carb breakfast burrito thingy today! I am calling it sort of Egg Fu Yung in a tortilla. Did you know they have Cheese and Chives Egg Beaters? YEAH, and they are good! AAAAND...

Serving Size 1/4 cup (61g)
Amount Per Serving

Calories 35

Calories From Fat 10
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 1g 1%
Saturated Fat 0.5g 3%

Cholesterol less than 5mg


Sodium 210mg


Total Carbohydrate 1g

Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugars 0g

Protein 6g


And then I put, like bean sprouts and stuff in it and wrapped it in a yummy cook your own tortilla.

I also got 1,478 steps.

Emotionally, I am NOT doing so spectacular. But hey... egg beaters. Yeah.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Would you like some cheese with that... Mac?

I already posted this in Losing It, but tough! I am posting here as well.

I didn't eat well today. I blame the water aerobics! When I was little my sister and I would swim all day in St. George till we were too hungry to stand it and would drag our dripping selves home. We then would make Mac & Cheese and watch cartoons. (we didn't have cable at home, and so having Nickelodeon and stuff... it was, like a freakin EVENT to watch Muppet Babies... OH! And Mystery Science Theater on the Comedy Channel! Because, yeah, I was a cool nerd even back then. Hee hee!) And so, after my first day back of classes, I really needed to swim. I was hurting from the stairs, really tired and was anxious to get in the water.

So I went to my new pool (love it there) and swam and swam and swam, a bit too long and my sugar level dropped really low. And stupidly I had nothing with me and then I had an unconrollable craving for Macaroni. I went to the store for milk to make it, but ended up with a rather big package of microwave type from Stouffers or something because, well, I wanted it right then. LOTS of fat, LOTS of Carbs, and actually not very good tasting.

Dang it, if I am going to cheat it better at least TASTE worth it!

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Walked a lot (3,311 steps.)

Did Water Aerobics (for an hour.)

Came home sore, exhausted and starving and went and bought Cafe Rio.

2 out of 3's not TOO bad... right?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Trying to climb back on the wagon

I am getting a *little* healthier. I am not really losing WEIGHT, per say... but I think my pants are a bit looser than usual. Yay! I wish it was more VISIBLE... and quick... and measurable. But I need to take any successes I can get!

So, TODAY...

Food: Not so healthy. I was out and ordered a chicken nugget kids meal from Wendy's. Now, THAT is bad enough, but they messed up my order... I ordered Mandarin oranges instead of fries, but I got fries.... which naturally I felt it necessary to EAT. *SIGH.* MR. WILL POWER IS NOT MY FRIEND. (I also asked for a toddler toy because my babies love some of them... and they gave me some basket ball thing that is of no good to any child... that is under 5 inches tall, that is)

Activity: Better. I recently broke my toe, and it is amazing how much one little digit can hurt! So I am taking the exercise SLOOOOW. However, I DID walk (3,097 steps. Not my highest, but respectable) and I also did water aerobics for 45 minutes. So, bad food choices... but pretty good exercise.

P.S. As for other aspects of my health, well, the mental stuff... I am not really going to get into here. But while I am still not doing well, I am getting a referral (hopefully tomorrow) for a new psychiatrist. So may be can help things get better.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

All-You-Should-Not-Eat French Toast!

I had a class group this morning at Magelby's for Breakfast. HOLY YUMMY...

But I earned myself a blood glucose level of over 450, and feel like crap on toast.

And as for today, (Wednesday, 27 September 2006) still really sick and I am scared I will NEVER feel better. My headache did not stop all day and I was super dizzy. The closest I got to exercising was doing laundry.

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