Monday, September 25, 2006

What the Dell?!

I hate computers.
HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!! Especially this week...

A few times a day and ALL night my internet would die. My modem was fine, my signal was strong (I have wireless), and I would follow their stupid "Qwest Quick Care" steps and it tells me it is the network, but to disable/re-enable something, which didn't work. Then to reboot the computer which not only didn't work, but CRASHES.

It tells me to open with "last good configuration" which I do, then the screen turns black and says to scan for viruses (done), check drivers (done), and run CHKDSK /F which takes forever and THEN does nothing.

This happens over and OVER AND OVER!!!

So, I don't know if I just hate Qwest... or hate Dell as well.

OH and P.S. I "upgraded" this here account and lost my extensive list of links.

I HATE IT ALL!!!!!!!!! I don't know how to fix it. And I feel sick as can be anyway. *I* am the one with the Virus, not my laptop. Stupid flu-ish thing. And stupid computers. And stupid EVERYTHING... EVERYTHING!!!


  1. yikes. that's crazy... I have determined that you just have really bad weird luck with computers in general... I really don't get it...

  2. Ah man!! That is HORRIBLE!

    Is this normal of Qwest's services? If so, keep them the heck away from me!!

  3. P.S. Now my Palm won't HotSync... and I have a fever and chills...

    and I am going to cry and go to bed now.

  4. Maybe Jesse can help with the computer stuff? I'll make sure he reads the blog to see if he's got any ideas.

  5. Grr...Qwest suqs roqs. I've had issues with them before. Sorry 'bout the computer problems. I know being sympathetic hardly solves the problem. Good luck!