Thursday, September 28, 2006

Geek Fodder

For the Love of Everything Shiny I wish I was a computer-savvy geek instead of just a nerd. Computer-wise my computer and my Qwest both seem to have "gotten better" by themselves. (Do computers really have sort of white blood cell-bytes?!) I am still going to start ISP shopping, though. But my Palm is making me want to scream.

Somehow, I lost my user name from the Palm, then the driver for it VANISHED today and I can't find it. AAARGH!!! I have been following Knowledge bases, troubleshooting, etc for about 5 hours and as soon as something on it works, some other part disappears. This vanishing act is PISSING ME OFF! The fact is, I have a LOT of information in these files (which luckily MOST of it I was able to export before losing everything) and I have a rather unhealthy dependency to my little Zire 72. I have my whole attempting-to-get-organized life in there with alarms to tell me when to take pills, go to class, write a birthday card, breathe in and breath out.

I want my Palm back! I want it to work and nothing is helping.

And my headache, too... nothing is helping that and now I have to get a stupid Cat-Scan on Monday, probably.

I feel sucky and helpless about the dumbest things and crying all the time.

And I just got asked on a date by a 50 year old guy. Yeah THAT makes me feel good about any chance of ever having a relationship <:OP (preferably with a geek who knows Palm PDAs... MmmmmHmmm!)

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