Saturday, September 30, 2006

General Crappiness

General Conference (for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) is today and tomorrow morning. I was happy for it! For one, I have been feeling rather crappish, and I could use some major divine help and closeness to the Lord. For... ummm... 2... it is being broadcast on TV so even when I hurt enough or am dizzy enough that I can't be upright, I don't miss out!

Only, I fell asleep some 5 minutes into the first session and woke up to some radio show about gardening. o_O

And then around the beginning of the second session I got rather sick and ran to the bathroom but bending over the toilet to throw up, but the bending made my brain explode with pain and pass out on my roommate's bathroom floor where I stayed for around half hour and then my mom came and made me go to the stupid ER.

I HATE HOSPITALS. (however the doctor guys (all but this funny hippie nurse guy) were all very nice (and rather cute, truthfully. MmmmHmmm!). I listened to a little more Conference Conference while waiting in a room, but my head was hurting bad enough right then that I don't remember a word, or most of the chat with the doctor.

Long story short (I know. Too late!) I do not have a Sinus Infection. I am still super sick. And the ER wants me to go to a Neurologist! They don't know what's wrong, but he said it ALMOST seems like Cluster Headaches, but while POSSIBLE, mostly afflicts Men, over 40... Of which I am neither.

Anyway, back to Conference... It looks like I WON'T be going with the Fam to the last session. Because, yeah. YEAH. So am rather bummed tonight.

I hate doctors... but I hate FEELING like this even worse.

So maybe we'll see... maybe they can figure out what is wrong with me and FIX it for once! Maybe not, but... PLEASE?! *whimpers*

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  1. Holy cow, what a day!!

    And cluster headaches? You poor baby. Those are AWFUL.