Wednesday, September 6, 2006

At least I got to watch Gilmore GIrls tonight...

Playing Catch Up...

Sunday I went to Sandy and THAT was good. Elijah was given a name and a blessing in church. Mighty cute, all of them. Les is a good man, and the blessing her gave his youngest son was beautiful. My dad was asked to stand in the circle and help with the blessing. So did Uncle Lynn (the proud Grandpa) and Uncle Pat (not really my uncle... technically, he is mom's sister's husband's sister's ex-husband. *snort* hee hee hee! But he is super cool.) What's even more my mom, dad, and Rinny sat on one pew, but *I* sat with my Meggy and Jake! Jake is a great guy. He is not LDS, he's Catholic, but he came to our church to support the family and be a part of it. I hope he liked it and wasn't too weirded out. *grins*

Then we all went to the park for a picnic to celebrate. The kids were cute, the food was super yummy, and hanging with Megs and Jake was EXCELLENT.

So Sunday was good. And Megs and I made plans to play the next day when todayborday would be Labor Day. YAY! Only it didn't actually happen because I was moving stuff and really really killed my back! So much so that I ended up on Robaxin and on my back and too hurty and LOOPY to drive. Also felt really sick. BLEH. Stupid Monday. ARRRGH.

I didn't sleep much, which leads to this morning when I apparently woke up, talked to my mom on the phone, and FELL ASLEEP SITTING ON THE EDGE OF MY BED. I DREAMT I was getting ready. Then my roomie Lark came down to ask a question and woke me up. I was sitting there on my bed, holding my purse and thinking I was awake and on my way to class. I also fell asleep in class... IN CLASS!!! So embarrassing... and unfortunate as unlike a class where if you close your eyes foe a sec you can at least listen, in sign class you are SOL. Sigh.

And so I worked out after class, avoided caffiene and did my best to NOT nap. And I succeeded, so I should be able to fall asleep now, right? I took my insomnia meds... so, shouldn't I at least feel a bit DROWSY by now? 2 AM?


On the brightside, I *am* becoming a FlyBaby, slowly but surely! I don't even HAVE a metal sink, so it does not shine, but it is clean... as is the kitchen and the laundry is... well... SORTED at least. It is a start.

And starts are a good place to... umm... start. I WILL get control over my CHAOS. I will get close to the Lord again (OH, and I got a Visiting Teaching assignment yesterday on my door. Haven't done THAT is awhile. And really, this ward hardly knows me. But I need to get some nads (uhhh... spiritually?) and go NO MATTER WHAT to church and get some spiritual help with the trials I face from day to day. Because I can't do it alone. Not EVEN close.

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  1. thanks... things are a lot better. life is better... God is awesome.

    I love you too. :)