Friday, September 22, 2006

Ignore the date, this was Thursday...

[Stupid Qwest. I tried for forever to post this last night. I may switch providers soon... before I end up throwing the computer out a window.]

I don't know where to start. Yesterday was fun, well, part of it. Coats came up! I haven't seen that chick in FOREVER. In fact, while we have chatted on the phone and emailed since, I don't think we have SEEN each other since before she joined the Army! We went to Macaroni Grill (had a fantastic Shrimp Portafino) and talked about everything! She broke up with Bill, by the way... not all that surprising... but I was entertained to hear she now is writing a net boy named Larry who she calls her "Imaginary Friend" and he is CALLING her for the first time, well, tonight. So we ate, talked, went shopping... very girly, but fun because it was, well, US!

The Fringe Will Rear Again!!!!

However, though mental illness is something we DEFINITELY have in common, we did NOT talk about my more so lately Depression. I didn't actually tell her about it... because I think I kind of, umm, scared some people. And they didn't really know it all. Because I haven't TOLD anyone everything, not even here. Not out of fear of scaring them... just because, I don't know. Sometimes saying/typing stuff makes it... real. But that leads me to my next thing (besides Coats)...

Tomorrow, I am probably going to the doctor to get a referral to a new psychiatrist... and a psychologist... especially since the psychiatrist has a FOUR MONTH waiting list. I loooove my insurance I got from MyFamily... for everything except MENTAL wellness because they SUCK with that and only allow, like ONE psychiatrist and 3 psychologists. And I can't afford to go with out the insurance. Therefore, yeah. 4 Months. And if the last month was any indication of the way THOSE 4 will be, yeah I better talk to SOMEONE a lot sooner than that. ASAP, really...

On happier matters, I went to my sister's play tonight. HORRIBLY cheesy... but I laughed and Rinny did really good... as was Kevin Goertsen. The guy is TALENTED. (He semi-dated Rinny... before he got married, obviously. Also, ummm (okay, Awkward...) he was really good friends with PoetryBoy, my... well I suppose he was my boyfriend... first/last/only kiss).

OH and in the lobby, this is so random. GUESS WHO I MET? Natalie, the short girl with the head band and glasses... in THIS!!!--->


  1. you met NATALIE??/ Jealous!! hee hee.... I love that video...

    I'm glad you got to spend time with Coats.

    And you know you'll never scare me too much, right? Just so you know... if you ever need to talk about anything... or email... since we hardly every really get to chat lately - but I DO understand why.

    love you

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