Friday, September 15, 2006

See Kipluck whine. Whine, Kip. Whine.

I'm watching Fun with Dick and Jane which is actually very funny! I am pleasantly surprised. Silly stuff. I needed some silliness today. It has been a hard day. My blood sugar's been out of wack ("Wiggedy Wack?" "No, just the regular kind."), I have been exhausted all day (until NOW when it would be beneficial, of course. SIGH.) , I almost fell asleep in the Language Lab. I have been hurting like crazy... but the pool helped some.

Water is goOoOOooOooOOoOod. But temporary. And I am hurting again. Plus feeling all girly... sad girly, not giggly girly. Not cool. The Timing is such that this coming Monday is the day I first "met" the Texan I really like/ed and unfortunately actually REMEMBER the date of which is pretty twisted.

Anyway grrr.

But yay for funny movies and no school tomorrow. Granted that means a lot more housework, job hunting, etc. to be done... but right now, well, I'll take that. Just don't make me sign stupid 11 digit numbers or do math in Sign in general! I HATE NUMBERS AND MATH! Even in ASL. Sigh.

But yeah, the movie was good. I love the kid talking with the Latino accent because the nanny/housekeeper is from Mexico. It just cracked me up! Now I should at least TRY to go to bed (though my gliders just want to PLAY. Little punks. I love them. But they are HYYYYYYPER!)... and probably straighten the room a little if that sadistic purple fairy gets her way. (Where are my shoes? Let me show you where I WANT to put them! (in all seriousness, I wouldn't even TRY if I didn't think this was seriously helpful. Yes, yes it is.)

Anyway, good night, people. I am so glad it's Friday. This has been a too long and simultaneously too short of a week.

I want some chocolate. Stupid blood sugar.

My turtle is getting so big. He sinks his basking dock. Need to figure out a way to fix that.

I should take my pills.

I should stop stalling and go to bed.

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