Saturday, September 9, 2006

It was my fault.

Today has been... trying. I was really sick. My turtle escaped (he's okay now). Our neighbor came over to tell us they have termites... on a shared wall.

And just a bit ago I got in a car accident.

Yeah, I was going to the store and was turning left. I had signaled. I had looked... but apparently looking and seeing are not the same thing. I didn't see her at all, the girl in the van. We both swerved... but I still hit her passenger-side door with what used to be my passenger-side headlight and is now more of a passenger-side gaping hole.

We are both okay. Both our cars are old. But now her door sticks, and I can't signal turning right. And it will be expensive. But it could have been so much worse.

I have finally stopped shaking and crying, though I am in no mood to get in my car again. I feel so sick thinking about it. But I will *have* to drive Tuesday to school. I want to throw up.

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  1. wow... just wow. I am sorry. It seems to be the week of cars being destoyed... first roy's, now yours.... mine better not be next!