Monday, September 11, 2006

The Brady Bunch makes me CRY!

I am trying not to think too much. Tomorrow is, obviously, September 11th. Actually, no, I guess technically TODAY is the 11th. Anyway, yeah. Trying really hard not to think much to keep from crying about Brady. My cousin Brady was such an awesome guy. I miss him. Liz (his wife) is on an LDS mission now, she has such awesome strength! I admire her, look up to her, and think her mission letters are hilarious. But I can hardly imagine dealing with today for her. It is hard enough just being me... his cousin and friend. But to be Brady's sweetheart? I just... wow.

I remember when it happened, my parents were on a Cruise in Alaska and I was tending my little brother. I remember thinking, "oh my gosh, the Pentagon?!" and freaking out. Then I finally talked to my mom when they came into port on the phone and she said not to worry, that Brady was fine, only a very small part of the Pentagon had been hit. Then Megs called later. She said he was missing. Our cousin Brady WAS in that part of the Pentagon, very likely. That was the beginning of it all.

I remember when we were little. Megs and Rinny and T-La and me followed him around being annoying and singing "The Brady Bunch" at the top of our lungs. I remember when he won a Yoda standy thing.. he was SUCH a Star Wars Geek!!! I remember when he married Liz and the invite freaked me out because she looks SO much like Camille (his sister) and we teased him for it. I remember when he wouldn't come home from his mission in the Canary Islands even when his LUNG COLLAPSED. And how cool it was that he got to be "a spy" like he wanted to.

The thing is, I know the country is remembering 9-11 tomorrow. And I applaud that, I do. But right now remembering is making me feel sick.

I don't want to remember right now.

I want to sleep...

maybe all through tomorrow.

Goodnight. "Happy" Patriot Day, America.

I miss you, Brady.
Oh, but hey, get this... you're famous... Wikipedia! (not that that's important. Just thought you'd like it.) Also, you would be so proud of Liz because she is, like, the medical person of the mission even though she is a regular proselyting one too! But you know that. Still, I am thoroughly entertained at the idea of embarrassed little elders having to talk to a Sister about, like, "Twisted Testicle." HA! NICE. Anyway, I miss you. The whole family does.


  1. Hey, I know I've told you this before, but I was a co-worker of Liz's when Brady was killed. I never met Brady, but Liz was a good friend.

  2. Oh, yeah the comment above was me, Sherpa.

  3. Remembering gets me a little sick too. Thanks.