Monday, August 7, 2006

Up at the Crack of Noon?

I did not make it to church today (and by today, as usual, I mean yesterday as I tend to write after midnight). I didn't really sleep last night and woke up WAY too late. I did make the BML for the gliders a little bit ago. But the closest thing I did to church today was to watch Little House on the Prairie people go to church. Since that show is pretty boring (though my sister ADORES it and we call her Half-Pint), that was pretty weird of me. But yeah, not my finest day, righteousness-wise.

Holy Crap! The Untouchables is a fairly horrible show! It is on TV right now and YIKES! Okay, at least they saved the baby going down the stairs now. So much shooting and blood though. Not that that should surprise me, I mean Al Capone and such, but dude! *shudder* I should really get to bed now, anyway. Days are WAY too short when you can't drag your butt out of bed before noon.

So, this week now that that diabetes class is over, I need to:
1. Get a Job
2. Pay for School
3. Work on my House
4. Get back into Water Aerobics (because even though I seem to be world's slowest healer, I think my surgery holes are healed up enough to swim FINALLY!)
5. Get back into CHURCH!

6. Get Up Early, take my meds, and try to get this whole insomnia thing FIXED before classes start and I DIE.
7. Pay my bills with what is left of my saving after I pay tuition.

I really hope this whole school thing is a good idea. It has been so long since I went, and I really want to get my Bachelors... AND my ASL interpreter's License.

At least that's what I *think* I want. Well, finally finishing my BA is a given, but I THINK I want to be an interpreter for the Deaf. I love American Sign Language. But I just hope against hope I am GOOD enough and also that I continue to like it if I study it for several hours a day or do it as a career. I think I will... maybe.

To be honest, I know things I like... but I do NOT really know what I want to BE any more. I used to, I really did. Heck, I am 27 years old and no longer know what I want to be "when I grow up." I hate that floating. I used to know. Now I don't. But the sign thing, well, it's a new possibilty. It is one of the many *things* I like... so let's see if I can make a career of it.


I guess we'll just See. <:OC


  1. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up either. :)

  2. Glad we slackers can support each other.