Friday, August 11, 2006

The Power of Thought

Wow... ummm... I just wrote this in my other blog but our Canary just died. It is very sad, but really... creepy for the lack of a better word. We had both just said how we hoped she would die (she was sick and in pain) and she DID. RIGHT THEN. Like as soon as we both said it she died in my roomie's hands.

I won't lie... it gave us a turn and we are both a little weirded out and now we are a little nervous to talk about stuff. Creepy. I know, it was a blessing and such, but... ugh... you know?


  1. Ha! There's a song that the Smothers Brothers did that you should listen to. I don't know where I might post an mp3 online, so I'll just give you the lyrics.

    I feel so lonely and cold,
    Bitter and old,
    Since my canary died.

    His cheery warble is still,
    Gone is the trill,
    Since my canary died.

    He'll never know I loved him so -
    Though he was molting and looked revolting.

    I drink much more than I should.
    I'm just no good,
    Since my canary died.

  2. Wow. Guess we'd better all stay on the good side of you and your roomie, eh?