Thursday, August 3, 2006

Riding a Night Mare

So, I have been sort of sitting on this Blogger account since March. I wasn't even sure I had it. I have been writing at MySpace for awhile now, but have decided to move on... and this is where I am moving on to. I don't know that my "readers" (ie: the few people who know me and therefore comment) will do so here, but as my main reason for blogging is as a journal for myself, I suppose it doesn't much matter.

I will write more later, but first I just want to say I HATE INSOMNIA!!! It is 6am here and I have yet to fall asleep though I have been in BED the majority of the time after 2 and I have a diabetes class today. I need this thing to get turned around before it kills me. I've tried Lunesta, Ambien... maybe I just need a rubber mallet ala Daffy Duck. BLEH.

Oh well. Chances are I will have better luck of being up when my mom comes over to my house (we are both in the class) if I STAY awake now, because once I am asleep I sleep like a rock. Now if only I could start my stoney hibernation at a NORMAL time.
Good... Morning(?) World, Kip's on Blogger!

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