Friday, August 11, 2006

Jagged Little Pills (would totally hurt to swallow!)


And THAT, ladies, gentlemen, and hermaphodites, is how I feel about life right now.

Hmmm... the parrot (McKenzie) apparently agrees because I swear she just screamed "sgroijherjpwdgjheyfk" in her little angry parrot voice. Anyway, yeah. I am out of my meds and need to go to the pharmacy today before they close. But that implies getting dressed... getting in the car... not crashing it... and paying the pharmacist a ton of money. None of those things are particularly on my list today. But yeah, I will go because I know I have to. In a minute. Right now I just want to cry and maybe eat some chocolate. I don't HAVE any chocolate, mind you. I just WANT some (sans drowning fat boy, obviously.)

I love my friends, though. They make me feel better just to know they are there. Also Thoroughly Modern Millie. And my sugar gliders. "It's a Good Thing (c)"

But back to too much whining, it is pretty gross and muggy in this house. Not like TEXAS Muggy but much more muggy than it should be here. The fans and such just blow around the warm stickiness, they don't really stop it. Yuck.

Okay, I have stalled enough. SIGH.


  1. I actually *have* been swallowing jagged little pills lately. You see, the ones I'm on right now have to be cut in half and I'm too lazy/cheap to drive to the pharmacy and pay the $.50 to buy one of those really nifty pill splitting devices. So I did it with a knife on the kitchen counter. A couple of 'em have gotten a little bit stuck on the going down. Not fun.

  2. They make a pill splitting thing? Because I take 1 1/2 of one of my pills and those get stuck all the time!

  3. Yep. Okay, so they're not $.50, but here's one for example:

  4. dude. CWE. I am so buying that!